Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology

The many cameos in Radiant are truly icing on the cake, as the core gameplay is just like the console games that have amassed so many fans already. Seeing main characters from Abyss, Symphonia, Phantasia and Eternia in one game is something else, almost like a mini-Kingdom Hearts level of fan service. Their distinct personalities and appearances will undoubtedly liven up a game that has to star a generic, user-created hero.

Control is usually a serious concern when it comes to PSP games, but navigating this Tales hub world was no trouble for us. Movement is easy, and the battles handle just like those in Abyss - that is, you not only control your character directly, but are also able to freely run around the battlefield and attack from any angle. Shortcuts to your special techniques are mapped to the circle button and your teammates' are activated by holding the L trigger and pressing a direction on the d-pad.

The core of Radiant Mythology is essentially the same as all the other Tales games, but the extravagant amount of customization, from appearance to armor to forging weapons to cooking delicious, life-giving meals is so staggering that even MMO fans might want to take a look when it releases in July.