Take the scenic route in Excite Truck

We know, we know. It’s been a few months since the Wii launch and you played this game to death along with Red Steel (remember that game?). You’ve unlocked everything, won all the medals, looked like a fool holding the Wii-mote sideways; but have you seen all the shortcuts? Your confused, half-dazed look tells us you overlooked one of the best parts about Excite Truck. That’s right; the ability to cheat with style. Here we have for you some of the coolest shortcuts and scenic routes in the game. Pack a cooler and hit the road, hillbilly.

Trampoline truck
Convert your truck into a harrier jump jet without getting oil all under your fingertips. Fiji (Gold) is the best place to try this: take the left route, making sure you hit the “!” symbol, then come to a stop just next to the first arrow you “meet.” Wait a bit, and… top of the world, ma!

Scotland shortcut
On the Scotland (Gold) track, there’s an easy-to-miss shortcut. Head left as you approach the first real turn and - smash! - straight into a tree. Or, if you actually get it right, through the trees and out the other side. At least you’re out of sight of the others if you mess it up.


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