Supreme Commander - Strategy Boot Camp, Day Two

Our final section of advice, on this graduation day for new Supreme Commanders, relates to how you can best handle the three dreaded no-win scenarios that every player finds himself in from time to time.

Cracking the Turtle's shell:

Every RTS game has its FPS "camper" equivalent. They're called "turtles" - players who prefer to sit back and build themselves into a defensive fortress of solitude, daring offensive-minded players to attack their impregnable shell.

In SupCom, the surest way to beat this scenario is to not let it happen in the first place. How do you do that? By attacking early and often, never letting the turtle get settled and built-up. If he's busy defending against you early on, he'll have less time to concentrate on building some awe-inspiring, impenetrable base. If he's already begun the withdrawal into his fortress, you'll have to lure or force him out with the patient application of tactical nukes or heavy artillery.