Stranglehold multiplayer absent at Midway event

Aug 15, 2007

Uhh, let's see what we can remember. GamesRadar showed up at the Mezzanine on Thursday night doe-eyed and eager to partake in the world premiere of Stranglehold's multiplayer mode. Can diving gunmen butt heads? Could we make bullets collide in mid-air? If four players activate the slow-mo, Tequila Time mode, simultaneously, would it spawn an alternate reality where the game never existed?

The answer is... we don't know. For whatever reason, multiplayer was a depressing no show. But your pals at The Radar decided to salvage the opportunity at great personal expense - dignity be damned! Intern phenoms Paul Ryan and Chris Antista decided to honor Stranglehold 's protagonist, Detective Tequila, by downing a shot of the titular hooch each and every time we entered Tequila Time. Considering you activate Tequila Time, oh, every ten seconds, what resulted was a blurry and embarrassing thrill ride through the fourth dimension.

Hope you like depraved situations and salty language. And don't you dare leave before the scandalous epilogue.

We'd like to apologize to any Ziff employees we may have vomited on during the cab ride home. Next time, drinks and dry cleaning are on us.


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