We take time out for 'tequila time' in our first play of John Woo's game

Stranglehold is all about battling gunplay. You'll be dual-wielding Berettas in intense battles in environments set in Chicago and Hong Kong, specifically chosen to provide loads of objects that'll blow up, crumble and get thrown around to create a unique setting every time you play it. There are marketplaces rammed with stalls of fruit and veg, restaurants with civilians scattering and tables to slide across, and museums packed with artefacts and dinosaur bones all ready to get trashed and add to the atmosphere...

You've also got cool Hollywood cop moves, like swinging from chandeliers and kicking over tables to use as cover. And when you're outside, you've got vehicles - there are boats, motorbikes, and jeeps to choose from as you unfold the linear, Woo-directed story in missions that are sandboxes for you to complete with your own particular brand of justice.

Above: See that rocket in the bottom right corner? That's what we call a close shave

It's an explosive mix - when we saw it in action we couldn't help but be impressed. Yet there's nothing really new here. So we pressed director Brian Eddy on what Stranglehold was bringing to the table...

"I think what it is, is a combination of all the stuff that you couldn't do before. The massive destructibility and the environments that we're doing that stay around... The interaction with the environment, the slow mo, the variety of gameplay, the vehicles and everything. You know,the level that we're reaching really couldn'tbe donebeforenext generation technology was here. The look of it isa world above (last-gen)..."