Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor trailer offers first-person mech-war

If games are the most technologically-obsessed entertainment medium of our time (which they are), and game development is the most techno-fetishistic of all entertainment professions (which it is,) it's always interesting to see how developers get their heads around the notion of a world in which high-tech doesn't exist. Capcom's answer in this Steel Battalion trailer, set in a world of digital technology wiped out by a silicon-eating virus, is pessimistic but believable: we'll just build really bitchin' low-tech, and then use it to blow each other up.

Playing on the strength of Steel Battalion's central conceit – drive a mech! Smash things with it! – the clip doesn't even need to get around to details like “use the controller to move, and the Kinect to high-five your co-pilot” or “it's called Heavy Armor, but Kinect is a lot lighter than that $200 controller from the original Steel Battalion.” Heavy Armor will launch next year (while we all still have the tech to play it) – interested?

Aug 16, 2011




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