Sponsored: Our Hitman Sniper Challenge heads towards Grand Prize time. Can you win it?

Time is running out to win the Grand Prize in our Hitman Sniper Challenge, but there is still time to get involved. And there's so much up for grabs! For starters, the best overall sniper from the past few months of competition will will a coveted Golden Joystick (to be presented to them at the 30th Annual Golden Joystick Awards in London on October 26, 2012) and have their face scanned into a future Hitman game. Then there's the small matter of an iPad 2, Sennheiser headphones (model U320), chibi Hitman statues and downloadable content for the Monthly winners.

You can read the exact details in the terms and conditions on Page 2 of this very article, but suffice to say we're talking crazy prizes. But keep in mind that due to the Golden Joystick Awards taking place before the end of the month, this month's 'Monthly Winner' will be drawn early as it needs to be a short month to get it all done in time for the ceremony. So you've only got until the 24th of October to register a score for this month's leaderboards! There will, however, be one final month to compete after that for one final Monthly Prize, up until the release of the full version of Hitman Absolution.

But before we get onto how to win, let's look at who already won prizes in last September's round of Monthly Winners:

PlayStation 3

1:  X1BALA (5,415,739) 2:  Dwarfen (5,153,792) 3:  Stinos (5,127,106) 4:  joe90park (5,047,289) 5:  Sonofinonman69 (4,874,202) 6:  Ghostnote (2,922,369) 7:  Moloch81 (2,330,451) 8:  PembsGez (2,327,071) 9:  Lee720lee (2,310,731) 10:  D_B_1_0_0 (2,111,856)

Xbox 360

1:  terry_1950 (6,135,150) 2: michaelyates1964 (5,629,267) 3: Silent4ndDeadly (5,001,175) 4: smegger (4,527,124) 5: Madmonkeyrtu (4,291,555) 6: sskaotik1 (2,880,116) 7: Sk3tChWoRtH (2,840,761) 8: project_serene (2,424,115) 9: FuelledSpirit (2,421,484) 10: Ogg177 (2,372,030)


1: Voxifox (6,458,487) 2: Jalexuk (5,267,616) 3: shootable (5,081,621) 4: Elad_berond (4,204,645) 5: IreneRose (3,188,594) 6: EvoFlash (2,697,632) 7: Acidcobra (2,220,333) 8:
(1,984,672) 9: EFJohn (1,945,135) 10: UWSephiroth (1,855,949)

And then there are the new Weekly winners, two of whom win by being second to previous winners:

PS3: michaelyates1964 (second to MattYates91) with a score of 5,629,267
Xbox 360: Dicksi (second to 318838) with a score of 3,145,837
PC: Voxifox with a score of 6,458,487

Well done to you all!

So - want to be in with a chance of adding your name to these most esteemed ranks of virtual murderisers in the coming weeks? Well get involved. The challenge is running until October, with weekly winners as well as bigger prizes for monthly winners. For the details head here and here, but remember...

For your score to be eligible, you MUST register your Gamertag/PSN ID at and you MUST “link your account” at

And that's not all. All Monthly winners will have the chance to battle it out in a Grand Final and be crowned the UK’s Ultimate Assassin. This person will be immortalised in a future Hitman game and also presented with a Golden Joystick at Future Publishing’s annual Golden Joystick Awards on 26th October 2012.

Above: A coveted golden joystick should be any true gamer's dream prize

Not too shabby, eh? Square-Enix have provided their own terms and conditions for the grand prize, which you can read on page two of this article. By entering, you are agreeing to them.

How do I get involved?

All you need to do is pre-order Hitman: Absolution (you can do this here) where you'll receive a code. You must then visit where you can enter that code in order to receive the redeem code to download Hitman Sniper Challenge from Xbox Live Arcade, Steam, or PlayStation Network.

Remember, for your score to count, you MUST register your Gamertag/PSN ID at and you MUST “link your account” at in order to be eligible! Please note, you must also be over 18 and a resident of the UK.

Once you've signed up... get sniping! Simple as that. Keep checking to find out who wins next week, as well as the winner of our weekly challenge. Best of luck.


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