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    Type sj then a space and the cheat code below. Example sj big_monsters. Enable more than one code at once by typing another space. Example sj big_monsters big_toons
    Enter these after the sj as described above
    little_monstars = Small monstars
    little_toons = Small tune squad
    big_monstars = Grows monstars
    big_toons = Grows tune squad
    alwaysmakeshot = Always make shot
    alwaysdunk = Every shot is a dunk
    fastgame = Accelerates game speed
    turbofly = Hit turbo while jumping to get "extra boost"
    endlessturbo = Permanent full turbo meter
    fadeaways = Jump in whatever direction you were moving in
    noinbounds = Never have to inbound the ball
    noshotclock = Disables the shot clock
    superpush = Super-strong pushes
    superjump = Super-strong jumps
    noai = Uses secret courts in-game at random
    Kanopef = Activates endless turbo, fadeaways, no inbounds, no shot clock, turbofly and always-make-shot cheats
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    On the Options Menu, hold all four triggers and press X over Game Options. Full Cheat Menu will appear
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    Win the Intergalactic Tournament on Hard, then go to Speedy's Space Race in any Game Mode. Ships will be chosen at random(secret and normal). This feature will continue to function until thePS is reset. If you get a flawless score in Speedy's Space Race, youget Infinite Turbo the next quarter.If you "flawless" your opponent in the Shoot Out (his score = 0), youmake every basket you shoot the next quarter.
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