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Sonic Battle Hints

  • GBA | Submitted by Nato potato

    All the best non-rare moves

    Story mode / skills editor

    These are all the best non-rare moves emerl can have, I tested them all myself and I know that some of them are not the most powerful or have the most speed but they are the most effective in battle.

    Run = Shaodw
    Dash = Shadow
    Jump = Cream
    Air move = Amy
    Guard = Chaos
    Heal = E102r

    att 1 = Chaos
    att 2 = Chaos
    att 3 = E102r
    Heavy = Shadow
    Upper = E102r
    Dash att = E102r
    Air att = Sonic
    Aim att = Shadow
    Grnd Shot= Sonic
    Air Shot = Amy
    Grnd Powr= Amy
    Air Powr = Knuckles
    Grnd Trap= Amy
    Air Trap = Amy

    Fight Style = E102r

    Have you ever versed E102r and killed him and then got blown up by him when he dies? Well you can do that too! By using E102r's fighting style you blow up when you die too!

  • GBA | Submitted by Nato potato

    Emerl's many colours

    Story mode / skills editor

    Here are some cool colour combinations to use on Emerl.
    (C1 = colour 1, C2 = colour 2 etc)
    C1 Sonic C2 Chaos C3 Chaos
    C1 Sonic C2 Amy C3 Shadow
    C1 Tails C2 Amy C3 Amy
    C1 Tails C2 Chaos C3 Amy
    C1 Knuckles C2 Chaos C3 Shadow
    C1 Shadow C2 Chaos C3 E102r
    C1 Shadow C2 Shadow C3 E102r
    C1 Shadow C2 Amy C3 E102r
    C1 Shadow C2 Chaos C3 Chaos
    C1 Rouge C2 Chaos C3 Tails
    C1 Rouge C2 Knuckles C3 Tails
    C1 Amy C2 Chaos C3 Rouge
    C1 Cream C2 Knuckles C3 Amy
    C1 Knuckles C2 Amy C3 Shadow (totally red)
    C1 Rouge C2 Shadow C3 Tails(totally white)

  • GBA | Submitted by Ben Jammin

    Skill points for Emerl

    If you need more skill points for Emerl, just keep on repeating sonic's story. Every time you complete it, you will get the chaos emerald, which is worth 10 skill points. this will always work, no matter how many times you do it!

  • GBA | Submitted by Ben Jammin

    Skill point system

    Whenever you finish a battle with Emerl, you are awarded "Skill points". Here are the 3 ways of getting multiple skill points.

    1 skill point is awarded if you were KO'ed at least once during the battle.
    2 skill points are awarded if you were hit during the battle, but not KO'ed.
    5 skill points are awarded if you were not hit once during the entire battle.
    10 skill points are awarded when you obtain 1 of 7 "Chaos emeralds".

  • GBA | Submitted by Pyrofox2

    Get The Ultimate Moves For Emerl

    When your in emerl's episode and u finished the cutscene at the altar in holy summit get back to emerlad town don't rush to the death egg and go to tail's lab he should mention something about "Virtual Training" pick yes to go to "Virtual Training" in VT u will fight random enemies u will start in a 1ko match then raising untill it becomes 15 ko match first match should be easy so continue but if u die once in this mode u will return back to the map :( but if u continue u will learn enemy moves and ultimate moves here is an explanation :
    global (At all times):
    after 5th match u will learn enemy moves :).
    First time :
    5th match : Get an Ultimate Skill (i think it is random but i got ultimate running skill :).
    2nd Time :
    5th match : ultimate skill (it happened to me but maybe it might not happen )
    10th match : Get Ultimate skill :).
    3rd Time :
    5th match : start getting enemy skills
    15th match : get ultimate skill.
    4th time :
    5th match : start getting enemy skills
    20th match : get ultimate skill
    5th Time : as above
    6th time : I got sick of all the 15 ko battles :) so it's up to you :) .

  • GBA | Submitted by The Raptor

    Completing Rouge's thief training

    In Rouge's episode: After you defeat Amy and kidnap Emerl, follow Rouge's to get to her place in the Night Babylon. When you get to Club Rouge, Amy will be there and you will have to fight her with Rouge and Emerl on your side. This is easy just kick the crap out of her till she runs away crying. Now you will have to do Rouge's training using Emerl. But before you fight, equip Emerl with a good Run Skill (such as Tails Run) and strong Attack skills (such as Sonic Punch, Rouge S. Kick,Knuckles Upper etc.) and a good Heal Skill (such as Tails Heal,Recovery Mode). The first part of the training you will have to fight 1 Guard Robo and defeat him in 2 mins. This is easy you will both have 5 points to start so just beat the tar out of him. Just be careful when you kill him he causes a big explosion when he dies which can greatly damage you so when you here him say, "initiating destruction sequence" then get out of the way. The second part of the training, you will have to fight Rouge and not get hit one time in 2 mins. This is kinda hard just keep running away from Rouge and don't let her hit you or you will have to start over. If she gets to close and attacks you, quickly use Guard (press L) and run away. The last part of the training you will have to do is fight Rouge. This time you have to K.O. Rouge 5 times to win but she only has to K.O. you one time for her to win! She will attack with alot of fierce combos so dodge her attacks then counter with your own combo. If your Health gets low, do a Heavy Attack (Right+B or B+B+B+B) so that Rouge flys far from you then run to a safe place and heal (Hold L).

Sonic Battle Unlockables

  • GBA | Submitted by The Raptor

    Unlock Rouge in Story Mode

    Complete Tails' episode in Story Mode.

  • GBA | Submitted by The Raptor

    Unlock Tails in Story Mode

    Complete Sonic's first episode in Story Mode.

  • GBA | Submitted by sonshadow222

    How to unlock E-102, Tails, and Rouge

    To unlock Gamma, play through story mode with Sonic until you reach Holy Summit. Go to the plains. Press A and a cutscene will go on. You will fight Gamma in a 5 KO battle. defeat him, and you will fight him in a 10 KO battle. Beat him, and you can play as Gamma in battle mode. To unlock Tails, beat story mode with Sonic. To unlock Rouge, beat story mode with Tails.

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Chaos the Chao God

    To unlock chaos as a player, you must be in the emerald episode. first go to the shrine and you will speak to knuckles. then go north east to the crater area. chaos will be there. he will say ... and you say yes if you want to fight him. you must get 10 points [K.O. Battle] and you will get one of his move and unlocked him in challenge mode and battle mode and other modes.

  • GBA | Submitted by The Raptor

    Unlock the Fly & Get minigame

    Complete Tails' episode in Story Mode.

Sonic Battle Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by Brian Pacheco

    Legendary Card Combo Codes

    Here's how to obtain all cards to type, you must first complete all sonic characters in story mode until you get to emerl story, and go to the sonic team building in Central City go there and type all codes, and be the master.
    (Here are the character combo codes for you to type)
    alogK | Obtain "Amy Combo" Card
    EkiTa | Obtain "Chaos Combo" Card
    ZAhan | Obtain "Cream Combo" Card
    tSueT | Obtain "E-102" Combo Card
    yU3Da | Obtain "Knuckles Combo" Card
    AhnVo | Obtain "Rouge Combo" Card
    ArmIa | Obtain "Shadow Combo" Card
    75619 | Obtain "Sonic Combo" Card
    OTrOI | obtain "Tails Combo" card