SmashRadar: Reader Theme Smashes

We asked, you answered - this week’s SmashRadar is dedicated to reader-submitted theme smashes.

Some were fun, some were interesting - and a few were downright awful. But we sifted through them all and came up with five very awesome theme smashes to share with you this week - plus a few inspired by boredom (hey, we play Smash Bros. a LOT).

So without further ado, read on for the five best reader-submitted smashes and keep your eyes peeled for our coverage on GameStop’s Brawl Grand Championships next week when we return with more SmashRadar.

Ground Rules: Unless otherwise specified, go into Rules and set the damage ratio to 2.0, turn off all items, switch on the handicap option and before entering matches, give all characters a handicap of 300%.
Anyone who breaks a special rule gets a penalty and has to…
1) Take a drink
2) Kiss the nearest fire hydrant
3) Get a Charlie horse (dead leg)
4) Kiss your sister
5) Say “I’m sorry” and just keep playing

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  • thephntm - June 18, 2009 8:08 p.m.

    Easter Egg Hunt Special Conditions: Only round items and Mushrooms are allowed. Turn on Tiny Size in Special Brawl. Characters: Anyone, but you must have a colorful pallette swap. Stage(s): Anywhere with grass except Pokémon Stadium/Pokémon Stadium 2 PS: My Captcha is 11:55(2)News browned
  • Smiffy99 - March 26, 2009 1:39 a.m.

    I've got one. How 'bout a Street-Fighter style kinda thing. No weapons, just your hands, legs, and any "Hadoken"-ish move you can find.