SmashRadar: Events guide

Event 31

Marth must protect a helpless Zelda from two approaching Ganondorfs. You can beat them and win, or wait for Zelda to change to Sheik and have her help.

Event 32

A black Falco faces off against Mr. Game & Watch in a classic Smash Bros. level. You both have two lives. Watch out for the lava!

Event 33

Play the villain! As Ganondorf you must beat Link, Zelda and Pit with two lives.

Event 34

Choose your player and fight eight other characters: Bowser, Peach, Zelda, Ice Cllimbers, Mr. Game & Watch, Falco, Marth and Ganondorf.

Event 35

Battle on the Game & Watch! Beat Jigglypuff, Toon Link and Peach's silhouettes while playing as Mr. Game & Watch. The unit's graphics will actually affect the battle. Peach is bounced around quite a bit by 'em.

Event 36

Snake against three other bounty hunters: Star Wolf, Samus and Captain Falcon.

Event 37

Hm. Now this one we're not sure what happened. It's Toon Link against two Yoshis, but other than knocking them around for a few minutes, we're not sure what triggered the victory. Maybe that's it?

Event 38

Showdown in deep space! Star Wolf must successfully fend off Fox and Falco.

Event 39

An ongoing brawl against the game's hidden newcomers. Sonic, R.O.B. and the like.

Event 40

A final battle against the three main villains: Ganondorf, DeDeDe and Bowser.

Event 41

Beating all other Events unlocks number 41, a licensing nightmare that pits a character of your choosing against Snake, Sonic and giant Mario!

Feb 15, 2008