SmashRadar: 18 kickass theme smashes

Sleeping through a match doesn’t sound like fun, but what starts out as an exercise in boredom quickly becomes a test of cunning. It’s quite the bitch to fall asleep between two opponents without killing either of them only to have one wake up and sleep you right off into oblivion. Add the collapsing ground of Green Hill Zone to the mix and you can really screw yourself over just by snoozing.

Because some people have trouble getting Jigglypuff to sleep instead of roll (see if you can pick out the cheating bastard below), we recommend you don’t use a handicap as Jigglypuff’s sleep attack is always an insta-kill and the rest of her attacks suck anyway.

Special Conditions: Turn on Poke balls in the items menu. Handicap optional.
Characters: Pokemon Trainer
Stage(s): Pokemon Stadium 2 (where else?)

Feel free to use all manner of attacks that come to mind, but the pokeballs add something special to the match: an existential instance of having Pokemon from poke balls attacking other Pokemon with Pokemon.

You can also try this one out on the other Pokemon stage, Spear Pillar, but the environment makes combat even more of a bitch.