Is the Smart Pistol overpowered? - Titanfall Weekly

On this episode of Titanfall Weekly, Lorenzo and Hollander discuss a topic that has sprung up in the Titanfall community: "Is the Smart Pistol OP?" Get out thoughts in the video below.


  • alexxxj - March 13, 2014 8:49 a.m.

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  • lukasz1991 - March 15, 2014 10:57 a.m.

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  • Roszpunkax33 - March 11, 2014 8:03 a.m.

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  • Peter32 - March 16, 2014 2:58 p.m.

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  • GOD - March 3, 2014 9:55 p.m.

    I have not played the game, but I've had some experience getting into deep gun balancing discussions, and my biggest thought about the problem it creates is that you gain points by killing minions, and it allows you to kill multiple minions very fast and from range. From what I've gathered from you guys, you get your titan faster by gaining points, and so by farming minions aggressively with a smart pistol you can accumulate points very quickly and efficiently, then get your titan and use that to kill pilots and other titans, and after you've lost your titan go back to farming minions for easy points lock on headshot points. Personally though, I've never really liked any kind of anti personnel weapon that just auto locks (meaning anti vehicular lock on weapons are fine usually). I did like the Bullseye from the Resistance series, but that required hitting them with a tag first, and you had a precious few tags to use. If you want a lore reason, the best I can come up with, the lock on guidance of the bullets can only be done in a small, easily controlled pistol caliber. Sniper bullets are too strong for the guidance tech to work, and the range is limited (or is it?).
  • Shigeruken - March 4, 2014 4:11 p.m.

    The thing is that you get significantly more points and more time off your Titan for killing other pilots. That's where the pistol's balance lies. It takes about three or four times longer for the pistol to lock onto an enemy pilot than it takes for you to be die to a carbine, so if two players of equal skill meet, the one not using the smart pistol will win (earning around 10 times as many points compared to killing a grunt, excluding bonuses). Another point is that the smart pistol is not an instant kill when locked onto a pilot. You can be killed while your pistol is still firing shots at a pilots, and all the locked shots need to land in order to do 100% damage. It's also easy to break the lock, as it has a short lock on range, and needs a direct line of sight to hold a target. There's also no crosshair so using it at range is nearly impossible. Every weapon in the game (even the shotgun) can kill you from just outside of the pistol's short lock range. You need to move and parkour constantly to outsmart other pilots, otherwise you will die. So if all your enemy does is run around on the ground and play the game like call of duty or battlefield, the the pistol may seem overpowered because they'll never see death coming. It definitely does need to be tweaked a little to fit right, but ultimately if you have the pistol and someone with any other weapon sees you, you'll die unless you outmaneuver them.
  • DizZeLegend - March 3, 2014 3:11 p.m.

    I always felt like it was slightly underpowered lol. I though of it more as an "anti-minion" weapon. The time it takes to get 3 locks on a pilot seems longer then shooting them with a rifle or smg. Either way the smart-pistol for what it is, is a very balanced weapon and fits perfectly in the fast paced titanfall universe! :D Still standing by for March 11!

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