Skittles should be in every game

COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Our readers insert the star of Kinectimals

Those who didn%26rsquo;t listen to ourfirst E3 Special, co-hosted byThe Official Xbox MagazineandKOXM%26rsquo;s Ryan McCaffery, probably don%26rsquo;t remember this momentary little obsession. But try and remember all the way back to Microsoft%26rsquo;s 2010 Press Conference%26hellip; Now, what would you say was the standout game? Metal Gear Solid: Rising? Halo: Reach? Gears 3 co-op? Wrong, bitch! It was Skittles the Tiger, star of the Kinect%26rsquo;s upcoming retail bombshell: Kinectimals!

Above: See him now, before he's too famous

Obviously, our readers/listeners agree, otherwise why would theyhave taken it upon themselves to fulfill the wish of ever gamer? Hey:Let%26rsquo;s put Skittles in every game!

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Jul 4, 2010

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