Sex Toy Story

NSFW, but only if your boss really has something against action figures and plush dolls

One of the greatest things I%26rsquo;ve ever had the good fortune to witness first hand at GamesRadar was the look on Brett Elston%26rsquo;s face while retelling what%26rsquo;s become known as %26ldquo;Sex Toy Story%26rdquo; onTalkRadar 116. It seems former GR employee and current Activision spokes model, Dan Amrich snuck over to Elston%26rsquo;s desk at some point, and then posed his action figures in the lewd positions. And the cad took pictures! Oh, can you imagine the scandal?

Above: Almost

We thought it was hilarious, although to hear Brett tell it, it may as well have been the most traumatic thing he%26rsquo;s ever experienced, and not simply a group of Spider-Men crudely pantomiming BJs. Which of course made it that much funnier. I can only assume the TalkRadar community also managed to convert Brett%26rsquo;s pain into their pleasure, since that little conversation was the only provocation they needed to go apeshit posting XXX pics of their dolls in passionate coitus. Oh yes, we%26rsquo;re doing this. Prepare yourselves for the single most juvenile and least game relatedthing we%26rsquo;ve ever posted...

I don%26rsquo;t care what anyone says, this is hysterical. I was nearly moved totears just by the sheervolume of contributions. Hope you weren%26rsquo;t expecting a Pixar parody with dildos and love pouches. In our defense, we%26rsquo;re classy respectable Gamez Journalists, not MadTV.

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