Scarface strutting to PSP

Vivendi is bringing the psychopathic madness of Tony Montana to PSP, but rather than being a bloody action game like the console version, the handheld outing will combine turn-based strategy with real-time combat.

Called Scarface: Money. Power. Respect., the game will challenge players to take control of the drug network in Miami by deploying an army of henchmen and pushers across the city to battle it out with rival cartels.

The single-player game is broken up into a series of missions, and the aim of each one is to capture rival turf. This is achieved by combining citywide tactical decisions with real-time, street-level combat. The next step will be to set up production of drugs and start making profits.

The game will also have a multiplayer option allowing up to four gamers to engage in a turn-based gang war.

In other Scarface news, Vivendi has reaffirmed its earlier announcement that the console action game, Scarface: The World is Yours, will not be released for Xbox 360.

According to Pete Wanat, the game's executive producer, the development team wants to focus its efforts on the Xbox, PS2 and PC rather than creating another high-resolution 360 port of a current-gen game.

July 31, 2006