Saints Row 2 review

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  • Broncosmancb22 - November 27, 2008 6:32 a.m.

    this game rocks
  • Broncosmancb22 - November 27, 2008 6:28 a.m.

    this game rocks does anyone know about the hidden islands
  • Broncosmancb22 - November 27, 2008 6:28 a.m.

    this game rocks does anyone know about the hidden islands
  • fireballmac8 - November 2, 2008 10:16 p.m.

    this is much better than gta 4.
  • griever - October 29, 2008 3:34 p.m.

    to do a drive by you need to kill a few numbers of gang members from your vehicle within a short period of time... the screen then prompts you and option if you want to do a drive by.
  • griever - October 29, 2008 3:32 p.m.

    I've played the game and I dont think it deserves a rating of 8... 6 or at best 7 would be more fitting. And I found the vehicle handling awful although the review here says otherwise.
  • sumguy08 - October 17, 2008 1:28 p.m.

    I dont know why people put their comment first and just say "first". Its pointless to say something that has no relevance to the game... wait...
  • wysiwyg - October 16, 2008 5:25 p.m.

    Lets get this staight technically a mess,wafer-thin story,lousy AI etc. give it an 8, whats all that about, those are pretty serious flaws you're dismissing.
  • TheDarkKnight - October 16, 2008 2:59 p.m.

    this game is awesome it is like 10 times better than GTA IV the only problem is that it still has that cartoony look to it. But besides that this game is great.
  • Bigpapa360 - October 16, 2008 3:21 a.m.

    Yeah, Ive gotta say its a good game. But I dont know what their talking about with the "wafer thin story" and its "not a looker". The story is engaging and the graphics are pretty amazing.
  • bron1417 - October 15, 2008 7:19 p.m.

    i was so hyped about this game for a long time and it delivers!! SR2 all day boii!!
  • yur a fatso - October 15, 2008 4:47 a.m.

    I don't know. I just got it today, spent about 5 hours playing it. It was pretty damn fun.
  • Daywalkr - February 28, 2009 9:05 p.m.

    Is the vanishing cars as bad in this game as it was in the first? In SR the cars would disappear if you turned around on it. Also,are the controls for driving the same(A for accel) Thats really stupid because you cannot slow down for anything, like what he said drive by's. Doing a drive by should have more speeds that 0 or 150 miles an hour.
  • Fionachitauro - August 12, 2009 8:51 p.m.

    to get the bonus mission, u go into troys office, and get dex's number in a file drawer, ring the number and then u start the mission. just thought id say incase anyone wanted to know =]
  • aqibloz - July 24, 2009 2:55 p.m.

    Id have this game over the repetitive boring crap Rockstar are coming out with these days with GTAIV. Rockstar tried there dandest to make sure that no two levels were the same but what did eventually come out with? a boring lackluster of a game that turned into a blockbuster. I you were dissapointed by that this game will more than make up or it.
  • breezacadore9 - July 12, 2009 7:43 p.m.

    does anyone know how to play 2 player co op offline because it is confusing
  • breezacadore9 - July 12, 2009 7:30 p.m.

    how do u play saints row 2 co op offline because i cannot access it
  • CheatMaster27 - July 4, 2009 4:59 a.m.

    this game is awsome, i love, i give props 2 Volition INC. However i do prefer the Right trigger and lef trigger than A acceleration. other than that i love it
  • SpohnerOwner - January 21, 2009 4:53 p.m.

    Sants Row 2 delivers an arousing story, which brings the hilarious cartoonish lifestyle of it to life. And i love the the rag doll in it. it bring comedy to the game. Well add me if you think my opinon is true
  • Brumak21 - January 7, 2009 2:48 a.m.

    love this game

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Release date: Oct 14 2008 - Xbox 360, PS3
Jan 06 2009 - PC (US)
Oct 17 2008 - Xbox 360, PS3 (UK)
Available Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Genre: Action
Published by: THQ
Developed by: Volition
ESRB Rating:
Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Drugs
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