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  • Achievements

    Aquarius, Peerless Warrior (15) - Complete the constellation Aquarius, routing legions of Greece's finest warriors.
    Argo Navis, the Argo (50) - Complete the constellation Argo Navis, finishing the voyage of the Argo.
    Awe-Inspiring Ally (10) - Reaffirm your friendship with Hercules.
    Bright-Eyed (25) - Earn maximum Favor with Athena.
    Cepheus, Exalted King (25) - Complete the constellation Cepheus, setting out from Iolcus on your epic quest.
    Corona, Crown of Mastery (100) - Complete the constellation Corona Borealis, proving yourself the ultimate hero.
    Deimos, Fist of Ares (15) - Complete the constellation Deimos, mastering Ares' combat style.
    Eridanus, River Styx (15) - Complete the constellation Eridanus, slaying a host of the condemned.
    Gratuitous Carnage (10) - Kill 15 enemies with dash attacks.
    Helios, Searing Brilliance (15) - Complete the constellation Helios, mastering Apollo's combat style.
    Hero (50) - Complete the game on Hero difficulty.
    Human (25) - Complete the game on Human difficulty.
    Legend (100) - Complete the game on Legend difficulty.
    Leo, Savage Lion (15) - Complete the constellation Leo, proving your skill at basic combat.
    Magic Missile (20) - Skewer 25 enemies with thrown spears.
    Nutcracker (10) - Shatter 30 enemy shields.
    Parthenos, Spear of Virtue (15) - Complete the constellation Parthenos, mastering Athena's combat style.
    Piercing Gaze (20) - Impale 25 enemies.
    Sagacious Satyr (10) - Accept Pan's persuasive pact of partnership.
    Severance Package (20) - Decapitate 25 enemies.
    Silver-Tongued (25) - Earn maximum Favor with Hermes.
    Smashing Success (20) - Pulp 25 enemy heads.
    Stout-Hearted (25) - Earn maximum Favor with Ares.
    Sun-Blessed (25) - Earn maximum Favor with Apollo.
    Ursa Major, Great Bear (25) - Complete the constellation Ursa Major, proving your total mastery of combat.
    Virgo, Wisdom of Athena (25) - Complete the constellation Virgo, breaking the curse of Medusa.
    Weaponmaster (20) - Collect every equipment piece.
    Words of Compassion (10) - Make 5 Apollo-aligned dialogue choices.
    Words of Courage (10) - Make 5 Ares-aligned dialogue choices.
    Words of Cunning (10) - Make 5 Hermes-aligned dialogue choices.
    Words of Wisdom (10) - Make 5 Athena-aligned dialogue choices.
    Wrath of Olympus (10) - Call upon 10 God Powers.
    Zephyrus, Wind Shear (15) - Complete the constellation Zephyrus, mastering Hermes' combat style.
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Release date: Dec 16 2008 - Xbox 360, PC, PS3 (US)
Available Platforms: Xbox 360, PC, PS3
Genre: Role Playing
Published by: Codemasters
Developed by: Liquid Entertainment
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Mature: Blood and Gore, Violence, Mild Sexual Themes
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