Rhythm Heaven Remix

VIDEO: Matching modern songs to Nintendo’s beat tapper

So, armed with a BPM counter and our favorite mp3s, we set out to find some new songs to jam to. And we made some videos to show off what we found.

[Note: all of our videos consist of unaltered gameplay footage and music. So, if you%26rsquo;re feeling adventurous, we invite you to try and turn off the DS speakers, sync up the game with the music and rock out wit%26rsquo;cha bad self.]

%26ldquo;Here it Goes Again%26rdquo; by OK Go
Syncs with: Blue Birds 2

Awesome song, and we especially like the ending %26ldquo;stretch out your neck%26rdquo; bits. You might want to keep the DS speakers on low for this one: it%26rsquo;s a little tough to make out what to do without hearing the captain%26rsquo;s orders.

%26ldquo;Electric Feel%26rdquo; by MGMT
Syncs with: Love Lab

Even if you%26rsquo;re not an MGMT fan, it%26rsquo;s a breeze to sync up, and the computerized synth beats won%26rsquo;t throw you any curveballs. In fact, since MGMT%26rsquo;s song is so straightforward, you%26rsquo;re actually more likely to score a perfect if you rely on it alone. See, we give you pro tips, too!

%26ldquo;Bucky Done Gun%26rdquo; by M.I.A.
Syncs with: The Dazzles 2

Little tricky to sync, but if you can pull it off you get the added bonus of imagining the Dazzles as a horribly inappropriate backup group for the sexy singer herself. And those horn parts sound almost like the game%26rsquo;s MIDI, don%26rsquo;t they?

%26ldquo;I Believe in a Thing Called Love%26rdquo; by The Darkness
Syncs with: Karate Man

You might miss kicking a few bombs if you put on this tune, but come on! It%26rsquo;s the freakin%26rsquo; Darkness! Who doesn%26rsquo;t love this song? I mean, really: who? No one.

%26ldquo;Complicated%26rdquo; by Avril Lavigne
Syncs with: Frog Hop

Okay, so we weren%26rsquo;t going to put this on the list initially (we%26rsquo;ve got our cred to consider here, you know), but it syncs up easily and we%26rsquo;ll be damned if we%26rsquo;re not still humming it in our heads now.

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