Rhythm Heaven Remix

Okay, this totally restores our indie cred, right? Right?

“Short Skirt/Long Jacket” by Cake
Syncs with: Crop Stomp

Awesome song, fits perfectly with the level. Not only that, but we’ve discovered it also syncs up with Remix 2, Freeze Frame and Splashdown quite nicely as well.

“Enter Sandman” by Metallica
Syncs with: Glee Club

This one gets top honors in our list because it is the only tune that actually sounds like its game counterpart. Those cute little imps sing just like James Hetfield and look about as manly, too.

There’s our list: If you feel the urge to see if your favorite tune syncs up with a Rhythm Heaven arrangement, just find a BPM counter online and test ‘em out to see if you can get a match. If you find a gem, let us know about it in the comments!

The Rhythm Heaven song/BPM list for the main story:
Built to Scale: 98
Glee Club: 123
Fillbots: 105
Fan Club: 132
Remix 1: n/a (changes too often)
Rhythm Rally: 182
Shoot ‘em up: 142
Blue Birds: 133
Moai Doo-Wop: 152
Remix 2: 120
Love Lizards: 102
Crop Stomp: 120
Freeze Frame: 120
The Dazzles: 128
Remix 3: 103 (it’s swung and a bit weird, though)
Munchy Monk: 189
DJ school: 109
Drummer Duel: n/a
Love Lab: 103
Remix 4: 223
Splashdown: 120
Big Rock Finish: n/a
Dog Ninja: 104
Frog Hop: 156
Remix 5: 155
Space soccer: 130
Lockstep: 162
Rockers: 148
Karate Man: 127
Remix 6: 135

Apr 28, 2009