Resident Evil: Revelations goes back to horror roots. Redesigns Jill Valentine for the 14th bloody time

New screens reveal Chris and Jill in a world of seafaring handheld horror

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We%26rsquo;ve heard of extreme makeovers before. But in Ms. Valentine%26rsquo;s case, it%26rsquo;s just getting ridiculous now. Jill getting yet another facelift isn%26rsquo;t the only headline news about the 3DS%26rsquo; upcoming Resident Evil: Revelations. The game is going back to classic survival horror, with less ammo, more puzzles and a hell of a lot more scares than the action-orientated Resi 5.

Famitsu has recently been interviewing some key members from Revelations%26rsquo; team, including producer Masachika Kawata, Takayuki Hama (also a producer) and director Koushi Nakanishi, and these are the main facts to be gleamed from said chinwag.

  • Revelations takes place between Resi 4 and5 and will follow Chris and Jill with their newly formed BSAA anti bio-terror forces.
  • A good chunk of the game will take place in Europe, on the luxury cruise ship you%26rsquo;ve all seen.
  • You%26rsquo;ll be able to move while your gun is equipped, while you%26rsquo;ll also have full control of the camera.
  • The emphasis will be on creating a greater sense of fear than the last couple of games by returning to the %26lsquo;classic style%26rsquo; of exploration and puzzle-solving.
  • It won%26rsquo;t be a bullet fest like Resi 5, either. Beasties will appear from unexpected places on the ship and you%26rsquo;ll only have limited ammo to slap a fatal whammy on them.
  • Nakanishi is describing it as %26lsquo;true survival horror%26rsquo;.
  • The 3D will apparently give you the sense that there%26rsquo;s something lurking ahead of you in the shadows whenever you%26rsquo;re traversing through the ship%26rsquo;s many dark hallways.
  • The story is being designed with series newbies in mind, and while it will have references to past titles, you definitely won%26rsquo;t have to know your AlbertWeskers from your Ozwell E. Spencers to understand what%26rsquo;s going on.
  • Famitsu is speculating that the controls will be catered to the %26lsquo;3DS%26rsquo; unique functionality%26rsquo;, which to us, sounds like you should be expect a heavy heap of touch-screen control.
  • Sadly, the game is only 20% complete, meaning we%26rsquo;re probably looking at a 2012 release date at the earliest.

Oh, and obviously, Jill%26rsquo;s been down the collagen clinic%26hellip;

Need an idea of just how much she%26rsquo;s changed over the years? Look no further%26hellip;

Above: On the left Jill as she appears in the Gamecube's Resi 1 remake and on the right, Jill in Resi 3

Above: (left) Jill sporting her new blonde 'do in Resi 5 and Revelations' new pocket-sized Jill (right)

Most excitingly perhaps, is the first real sighting of a new enemy, which looks like a cross between Brundlefly, one of Dead Space%26rsquo;s Necromorphs and a shitty ghost/bed sheet Halloween costume.

Above: Awww, it's like a little murderous, deformed bundle of love

We must admit, we%26rsquo;re pretty thrilled at the prospect of the survival horror series returning to it%26rsquo;s, y%26rsquo;know, actual survival horror roots. Resident Evil 4 was a pioneering classic, but Chris' African adventure was a poor photocopy by comparison. We don%26rsquo;t know about you, but we%26rsquo;re looking forward to going back to the days of genuine scares, complicated key puzzles and delicious Jill Sandwiches.

Dec 9, 2010

Source: Andriasang

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