Rayman Raving Rabbids - hands on

A few of the games test your endurance rather than your ability to do something well. This type of minigame could either become a big party hit or a long-winded exercise in monotony. That said, Bunnies Never Close Doors was fun enough our first time through. Simply point the remote at the opening door to slam it shut. Eventually, the bunnies start yelling louder and louder to distract you. We can safely say it works.

In the coming days we're heading out to check on more of these multiplayer party games. Once all the cows have been tossed and bunnies shot, we'll craft a video that ties it all together. Won't you come back for a peek?

  1. The hand tells you where you're aiming. Move it over a door and shut the bunny in.
  2. He looks calm, but soon he'll be screaming bloody murder.
  3. Well, that's it. It's called a minigame for a reason.