Rayman Raving Rabbids - hands on

From the very beginning, Wii has been billed as a console that'll bring in people from all walks of life. This lofty goal is the very reason we're seeing so many simple titles coming out at launch - Wii Sports, Super Monkey Ball and Wario Ware: Smooth Moves all ask the player to perform the most basic of gestures in an effort to lure them in.

Rayman Raving Rabbids does the exact same thing, but wraps the introductory-style gameplay around such a surreal world that you can't help but bite. The 70-plus minigames never ask for much more than a swing, a yank or a point, but it's the action onscreen that'll keep the room entertained. Over the next few pages, we'll detail the games we've tried out, and soon enough we'll have a bitchin' video to illustrate exactly how these games play out.

The main thrust of the game is a story mode that's got the limbless Rayman imprisoned by a batch of alien Rabbids. Over the next 15 days you'll be put through all kinds of gladiator-style trials, much to the delight of the furry monsters, who seem either unable or unwilling to do these tasks themselves.

Each day you'll partake in four events and one race or first-person shooter level. Once you win, you're rewarded with seemingly useless trinkets (like plungers or new music) that just might help you escape. Or, if you've got friends lined up, you can jump right into the minigames and start flailing around like good little Nintendo fans.

Brett Elston

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