Rayman Raving Rabbids - hands on

We're bound to see plenty of first-person shooters on Wii, so it makes sense that Rabbids mixes a few FPS minigames into the fray. The pointer aims your plunger gun (pinpoint attacks even count as headshots) and the Nunchuk reloads its ammo. You can also launch a grappling hook to nab bunnies and hurl them back into other oncoming enemies. Some have even donned Sam Fisher-style goggles in an attempt to get the drop on you.

Of all the minigames we played, this was probably the most fun sub-genre to check out. You're on rails the whole time (there's no freedom of movement, you're on a track that moves on its own) so it's all about shooting, deflecting incoming projectiles and blasting power-up boxes tucked away in the background.

  1. The plunger gun. It's your last and only line of defense. Just point and shoot.
  2. A bunny. Shoot it in the face.
  3. Another, differently dressed bunny. Shoot him, too.
  4. These giant robots will launch missiles at you - hit 'em back to take them down.
Brett Elston

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