PSP Go sold 14 units in Japan last week. No, not thousands - just 14

We know that Sony has ceased production of PSP Go. We know it was an experiment that proved the gaming public isn't ready for digital downloads as the sole form of delivery for their games. But that doesn't make the latest Japanese hardware sales figures any less incredible. PSP Go sold a grand total of 14 units in Japan last week, down 20 units from the week before. But before you laugh too hard, check out the rest of the figures…

The regular version of the PSP (presumably the 3000 model) is currently outselling everything bar Nintendo 3DS. Perhaps it's because you can only play Monster Hunter on UMD? We're not just talking handhelds only here, as the soon-to-be superseded Sony handheld is still outselling PlayStation 3 in Japan. Incredible.

But 3DS is the star of the show at the moment. Nintendo's handheld received a boost in sales thanks to the red edition of the hardware and the release of Star Fox 3D, giving it a massive 100% boost in sales over last week.

It's still got a lot of work to do in the West, but it's good to see 3DS topping the charts somewhere. Here's the full rundown, courtesy of Joystiq:

- 3DS: 46,637 [UP] 23,694 (103.27%)
- PSP: 26,511 [UP] 178 (0.67%)
- PS3: 23,322 [UP] 422 (1.84%)
- Wii: 14,237 [UP] 1,169 (8.95%)
- DSi LL: 4,693 [DOWN] 188 (2.45%)
- DSi: 4,384 [DOWN] 341 (7.22%)
- Xbox 360: 1,734 [DOWN] 282 (13.99%)
- PS2: 1,405 [UP] 96 (7.33%)
- DS Lite: 131 [UP] 82 (133.93%)
- PSP Go: 14 [DOWN] 20 (58.82%)

I said 'before you laugh', so shall we do that now? Hey, I'm allowed to laugh, as I personally bought a PSP Go on day 1. Why? I thought it was the future. Turns out it's already very much 'the past'.

Above: Sony really does have its own Virtual Boy. Was it the worst idea in modern history?

Perhaps it's time Japan stopped counting PSP Go hardware sales in its charts. Although at this rate of diminishing figures, sales will be zero in a few weeks anyway. And you can't count 'zero'.

25 July 2011


  • can1play360 - August 1, 2011 4:18 a.m.

    Wow thats sad. I had a friend who had one. I'm going to give him a call and laugh at him
  • jmcgrotty - July 27, 2011 12:24 p.m.

    As Evilwaterman said, this was the expected outcome from consumers. Yes, Sony wanted it to succeed, but it was still an experiment. Being an experiment doesn't mean that they expected it to fail and were only using it for data reasons. As much as I hate digital downloads, pimlicosound is right. You can't simplify this by saying that apparently the public wasn't ready for downloadable-only products. You have to say that apparently the public was not ready to pay the obscene prices that Sony dictated were needed to justify the system. Japanaman, a couple things about your complaints: "PSP Go accessories keep going down in price. They're super cheap, yet never sell out. PSP accessories are hard to find, and expensive." - Obviously, this is directly related to the lack of sales. In other words, it's an unofficial clearance sale. "PSP Go sells for around $130 new at a lot of places and was that price last Black Friday. GameStop sells the system for $99.99 used." - I could have included this with the last one, because again, these price drops are due to the challenge of selling the things. Ultimately, at least in those cases, your complaint seems to be that the PSP-3000 wasn't a failure.
  • Timothy_Lemon - July 27, 2011 12:06 a.m.

    how did it take them 5 days to realise there's no UMD slot? i personally think the GO is one of the coolest little machines out. smartest looking console since the GBA Micro.
  • Berretxz4t4 - July 26, 2011 6:01 p.m.

    @ Rabidpotatochip: lolz. Your rhyme is kix - 2 bad you took it from Lord of the Rings... Want an apprentice? I have 1 to give away: 100% free
  • WinkedUp Lozza - July 26, 2011 6:25 a.m.

    Funny how PS2 is still being sold - it has even risen in sales from last week!
  • ranzatsu - July 26, 2011 1:32 a.m.

    My cousins over at Japan bought a PSPGo and completely cooed over it. Then when they found out they couldn't play UMDs on it (about five days after their purchase), they popped it through the window. Bought a normal PSP afterwards, but can't buy games for a while since they just wasted a load of money. Should've reminded them...if I didn't hate them and the PSPGo. It sucks.
  • IcePotato - July 25, 2011 9:06 p.m.

    A sound defeat for digital distribution.
  • Blue2 - July 25, 2011 6:55 p.m.

    This reminds me of one part of American dad where Roger got a call from his agent and said that they just sold 9 copies, then Roger thought it 9 Million but the agent said JUST 9 sold, 9.
  • Genericide - July 25, 2011 6:35 p.m.

    I'd just like to point out that the Nintendo Wii sold 1000 times as much. And the PLAYSTATION 2 sold 100 times as much. PS2 is still selling 200 consoles a day? Surprising.
  • rabidpotatochip - July 25, 2011 5:38 p.m.

    @jackthemenace - They actually made 20 of them. Three PSP Gos for the kings of the hill under the sky, Seven for the lamers in their basements of stone, Nine for mortal noobs doomed to die, One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne (because he read all his magazines) In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie. One PSP Go to rule them all (yes, that went badly), One PSP Go to find them, One PSP Go to bring them all and in the darkness bind them (because it doubles as a flashlight, you see) In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
  • EnragedTortoise1 - July 25, 2011 5:34 p.m.

    Wait, people are still buying it?
  • jackthemenace - July 25, 2011 4:37 p.m.

    Wait, what? They actually MADE 14 of those things...!?
  • MrDuracraft - July 25, 2011 4:24 p.m.

    And yet, my friend continues to say that his PSP Go is better in every way, shape , and form when compared to my 3DS and DS. He always says "The DS just sucks" without any reasoning to back it up.
  • Japanaman - July 25, 2011 4:09 p.m.

    I got mine for $130 used complete and loved it. I kept it for a year, but noticed lots of games were cheaper in physical stores than on the PSN, so I traded mine in for a new 3000 model. I bought lots of games on the cheap, both new and used, but here's my complaints: 1. PSP Go allows you to pause games and play other games. PSP 3000 doesn't allow pausing or allow you to shut the power off and continue a game later like PSP 1000 and I believe, 2000. 2. PSP 3000 doesn't allow you to use a PS3 controller with the system. 3. PSP Go games are 100% compatible with Vita. I can't play any of my UMD games on Vita. 4. You can hold two units of memory in a PSP Go. Regular PSP forces you to switch cards too often. 5. PSP Go accessories keep going down in price. They're super cheap, yet never sell out. PSP accessories are hard to find, and expensive. 6. PSP Go sells for around $130 new at a lot of places and was that price last Black Friday. GameStop sells the system for $99.99 used, so it's a better deal than paying for a PSP and a 16gb memory card.
  • DevonOO7 - July 25, 2011 3:49 p.m.

    I have one of those!
  • RandyChimp - July 25, 2011 3:34 p.m.

    Actually, I think it failed because they released a regular psp sans the disc drive for $249, which is essentially Sony saying "Our customers are probably retarded enough to buy this!" I love my PS3, but this was a seriously flawed product. Hope the NGP does better.
  • BlitzIzDaShitz - July 25, 2011 3:33 p.m.

    Only reason I'm glad I didn't buy one is because the Vita is going to come out...can't wait
  • reson8er - July 25, 2011 3:10 p.m.

    "Sony really does have its own Virtual Boy. Was it the worst idea in modern history?" Well hyperbole aside, the IDEA of the go was forward thinking (you bought one for a reason...) Sony killed the go by itself. Consider for a moment if the go had launched at $99.00, it would be selling quite well I think. The fact is the hardware had little to do with the failure. Woeful marketing, outrageous price, no killer "go" download only game, proprietary adapters and connectors, the list goes on. In retrospect, I believe Sony was attempting to quell the migration of people jumping on the smartphone gaming bandwagon by trying to adapt existing technology into a more attractive package. Epic fail, too bad was a neat little unit.
  • EnigmaSpirit - July 25, 2011 3:09 p.m.

    It was a psp incarnation (which already lends it some degree of failure) that couldn't play psp games. No shit this thing failed. I don't mind download only (though it is nice to have a shelf of titles to adore), but if it can't play physical copies you already have... Seriously?

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