PS3 launch: All about XMB

Wednesday 21 March 2007
The days of PlayStation being a dedicated slave to games are over. Indeed, PlayStation 3 is a function juggling powerhouse that, in addition to its gaming credentials, can do movies, music, photos, internet browsing and social networking. Of course, with all these new tricks comes the necessity for an extensive menu interface - something that we've never seen on a PlayStation console.

So, take a look at the movie below and say 'hello' to PlayStation 3's Cross Media Bar (aka XMB). It's slick, smooth and easy to use. The XMB shown in the movie is actually from our PlayStation 3 'test' machine, so differs slightly from what you'll see when browsing on a finished, bought-it-down-the-shops model. However, it's close enough to give you an idea of what to expect.