Proving Ground: Rigger footage

Sept 18 2007

You know how it is. Sometimes a ramp just isn't high enough, or that rail ends too quickly, or that half-pipe doesn't quite send you over the top of the Post Office at such an angle that you can land upside down on the telegraph wire and grind fifty feet across the street. So Gods be praised for Tony Hawk: Proving Ground.

As the footage below attests, Proving Ground enables you to tinker with your surroundings, dumping ramps or rails anywhere you please. It's a more advanced version of previous Tony Hawk's level editors, with no 'snap to grid' system, allowing for less linear lines.

There's even a whole action path based on 'rigging', the act of cobbling together your own skating environment. You'll meet big names from the real-life rigging circuit, and enter an intriguing compo in which you'll have to design your own super-duper skate park.


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