Pre-E3 06: God of War II gameplay impressions

PS2: The legend gets even bloodier in our first look at the game in real time

But that's not all. Kratos is immediately beset by a cerberus, a huge, three-headed dog. That's where the power of the golden fleece becomes apparent - it enables you to reflect an enemy's magic spells back at it. After bouncing a few fireballs back at the big doggie - and also tearing two of its three heads completely off - Kratos heads back to the door. Using the fleece, he reflects the door's gaze, turning it to stone (apparently, it wasn't stony enough or something), which he then smashes through, arriving at... the end of the demo.

There's more that the demo didn't show as well: Kratos will get Icarus wings at some point, the narrator will have a larger role this time (cryptic hint, that one), combos can include magical attacks now, and there will be more and bigger bosses. Unfortunately, myths are not crafted overnight, so we'll have to wait until next February before we learn how this legend unfolds. In the meantime, feel free to check out the trailer by clicking themovies tababove.

May 10, 2006


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