Pre-E3 06: Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2

PS2: The biggest anime fighting game anywhere beefs up its roster again

Although they started off with some cripplingly rough edges (not that fans like to admit it), the Dragon Ball Z fighting games on PS2 have grown into their massively beloved subject matter. The last Tenkaichi finally gave the player the freedom to fly all over the battlefield, machine-gunning punches, kicks, and energy blasts toward their target and countering similar attacks with superhuman power - just like it should be. This sequel adds in the two things that DBZ die-hards really thought the series still needed: more characters and mid-match transformations.

For those who haven't memorized every nuance of the lives each character of the DBZ manga and anime's roster, here's what that sentence actually means. There are, by publisher Atari's count, somewhere over 100 playable characters in this game. Granted, some will simply be slightly different version of the same character (for instance, when a character changes hairstyles), but there will definitely be some new blood as well, like the villainous emperor Slug and the blue-skinned, southern-accented, robot musclehead Android 13.


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