Power Stone Collection Cheats

Power Stone Collection Unlockables

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    Unlock Mini Games

    To unlock the two extra minigames (marked '???'), you have to start by earning medals in the first mini-game.

    Ayame's Shuriken minigame - obtain at least 500 medals
    Gunrock's Slot minigame - obtain at least 1000 medals

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    Powerstone 1 Unlockable Characters

    Accel - Beat the game with Gourmond
    Gourmond - Beat the Game with Julia
    Julia - Beat the Game with Pete
    Pete - Beat the game once with any character.

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    Powerstone 2 Unlockable Characters

    Mel - Beat 1 vs 3 mode with Pride
    Pride and Kraken - Beat 1 vs 3 mode with Falcon.
    Valgas - Beat 1 vs 3 mode with Kraken