Pokemusings, week 22

It was nearly impossible to choose among the many entries that flooded our inbox for the Pokemon Design Contest. There were some really fantastic entries, but in the end it's like Highlander - there can be only one.

Runner up: Metapaws, submitted byforumuser Smashycomman

Smashycomman actually submitted a number of top-notch Pokemon designs (it was hard to choose just one), but this one won us over with its humor and meticulous craftsmanship. We also love the punny name, as it fits in with our ownPokemon nicknamingstyle.

Here's how Smashycomman describes his creation:

Name: Metapaws
Type: Normal Dark
Ability: Anger Point
Moveset: Slash, Bite, Rage, Punishment
Description: This Pokemon is constantly angry. It takes out it's anger on it's friends and family.

Above: That's Metapaws on the left and Octodrill on the right, for anyone who wasn't sure

Winner: Octodrill, submitted by Sean McLaughlin

We were impressed by the elegance and simplicity of Octodrill's design. Of all the entries, Octodrill seemed most like a real Pokemon. We can easily envision an alternate dimension where there were actually 494 Pokemon, and Octodrill was one of them. We'll let Sean's own description speak for itself:

Name: Octodrill
Type: Water/Steel
Ability: Lightning Rod

Background: Octodrills are rare, and tend to live far from coasts as they enjoy soaring through the water over long distances at high speeds. They're notorious for accidentally punching through the hulls of ships at sea. As well as having incredible attack power from the impact of their drill, their tentacles are exceptionally strong and an important part of their sharp speed and impressive physical attacks.

Congratulations to the two winning entries! If you'd like to share your own Pokemon designs, head to ourforums and show everyone what you've got.