Pokemusings, week 11

Hold-item breeding can also be used to give your Pokemon special moves. Let's take the Light Ball for example. In combat, it's an awesome item that doubles a Pikachu's Special Attack. However, if you attach it to a Pikachu or a Raichu and leave it in the Daycare Center with a Ditto, the resulting Pichu will know Volt Tackle. If you know how to use the move properly and EV train your Pichu optimally, Volt Tackle can be a devastating move.

Here's a list of some hold-item breeding formulas. Remember, we're only listing the simplified route that requires a Ditto as a breeding partner. Hopefully this info will help you complete your Pokedex!

Full Incense + Snorlax = Munchlax

Luck Incense + Blissey/Chansey = Happiny

Odd Incense + Mr. Mime = Mime Jr.

Pure Incense + Chimecho = Chingling

Rock Incense + Sudowoodo = Bonsly

Rose Incense + Roselia/Roserade = Budew

Wave Incense + Mantine = Mantyke