PokemonRadar, week 20

Welcome to the twentieth installment of GamesRadar's weekly feature, PokemonRadar.

We're heading into the final stretch, having nearly covered most of the new Pokemon. With Pokemon Diamond and Pearl a little over a month away, the excitement is building.

This week, we'll look at five new Pokemon, all of which are evolutions of old Pokemon. Each of these five critters evolves when it learns a particular move. While the first time through this means that they'll evolve when they reach a specific level, their offspring can evolve immediately if the move is passed to them.

Next week we'll examine four new Pokemon, all alternate evolutions of existing Pokemon. Don't miss it!

Now, to the Pokemon!

English Name: Mamoswine
Japanese Name: Manmuu
Type: Ice/Ground
Classification: Bud
Pokedex Number: 473 National
Ability: Oblivious - Prevents infatuation; Snow Hide - Raises evasion in snow storms
Location Found: Evolves from Piloswine, when learns Ancient Power
Useful Attacks: Earthquake

Our first new Pokemon today begins a trilogy of Pokemon that evolve when they learn the Rock-type move Ancient Power. As if hearkening to their paleolithic forebears, the Ancient Power makes these Pokemon more primitive, but also more powerful. First up is Mamoswine, the mammoth evolution of the wooly boar Pokemon, Piloswine. Shedding its clueless bangs for a clear view and enormous tusks, Mamoswine is one tough pig.