PokémonRadar, Week 19

Welcome to the nineteenth installment of GamesRadar's weekly feature, PokémonRadar.

Some Pokemon news out of the Game Developer's Conference, this week in San Francisco. First up, Pokemon Battle Revolution has a US release date of June 25th, 2007.

Second up, Pocchama's (a.k.a. Piplup in the U.S.) final evolution, Enperuto, has a new name, too - Empoleon. With so many new English names surfacing these days, we've decided to update our format to include both the Japanese and English names, when available.

This week, we'll look at four new baby Pokemon, also known as prevolutions, of Pokemon you already know and love. Each evolves when their mother holds a special incense, like Marill did in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. These mystical scents are found during your adventure, along with a few others. We'll look at the rest of the new baby Pokemon at a later date.

Tune in next week, when we'll make known five new Pokemon, each of which evolves when they learn certain moves.

Now, to the Pokémon!

English Name: Budew
Japanese Name: Subomi
Type: Grass/Poison
Classification: Bud
Pokédex Number: 026 Sinnoh / 406 National
Ability: Natural Cure: Status Conditions healed when recalled; Poison Point: May poison the foe after being hit by a physical attack
Location Found: Bred when a Roselia holds the Flower Incense
Useful Attacks: Trouble Seed

Roselia, the rose Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire, not only got a new evolution, but a new prevolution in Diamond and Pearl. Budew is a squirmy little bud of a Pokemon, but hides poisonous thorns beneath its cute exterior and innocent smile. When Budew's happiness boils over and the sun is shining bright, it finally blooms into Roselia.


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