PokemonRadar, week 18

Pokemon Name: Gaburiasu
Type: Dragon / Ground
Classification: Mach
Pokedex Number: 111 Sinnoh / 445 National
Ability: Sand Veil - Increases evasion in Sand Storms
Location Found: Evolved from Gabaito
Useful Attacks: Dragon Dive

The star of this eighteenth installment is Gaburiasu, the final evolution of the frightening land shark Pokemon, Fukamaru. Gaburiasu may be a Dragon / Ground Pokemon like the ever-popular Flygon, but it moves make it more of a primary attacker than Flygon could be. Gaburiasu can learn the new Dragon-type move, Dragon Dive, which not only is the most powerful Dragon-type attack not limited to a legendary Pokemon, but can also cause its target to flinch.

To see Gaburiasu in action on both DS and Wii, check out this video. If you missed any of our previous PokemonRadar coverage, make sure to hit the Movies tab above to catch up on past Pokemon videos.