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Pokemon X and Y has been out for long enough that you might have finished the main campaign, but don't think that's the end of X and Y. Beyond our Pokemon X and Y reviewcomplete Pokedex, and guides to Mega Stone locations and Pokemon-amie, one canny hacker has found some secret Pokemon within the X/Y code. Are there three secret Pokemon that Nintendo is waiting to reveal to the world? Find out in the video below and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss another episode.

Pokemon X and Y Weekly is GamesRadar's weekly Pokemon X and Y show. The title was a pretty obvious hint. Come back every Tuesday for the latest news, analysis, and speculation about the next generation of Pocket Monsters. You can also check out our Pokemon X and Y review.




  • Faetouched - December 9, 2013 7:08 p.m.

    I have a shiny Marowak (male, mild nature) I'd be over the moon to trade for a Shiny Furfrou (I've been chaining forever and still haven't found one) or a Shiny Growlithe or Arcanine (preferably male) if anyone has one and wants to trade! I could even attach a gengarite or abomasite to it.
  • SAMUROTT48 - November 4, 2013 4:37 p.m.

    I was trying to chain then it broke, when I tried again I got a jigglypuff , then the next one was a shiny noctowl. I'm just wondering if that was because of the chain or just pure luck.
  • jeremi-schwartz - November 4, 2013 3:29 a.m.

    I just did the fishing method described in a comment above. NO failures (reeling in too quickly or too soon) also didnt move my character. Got up to 100 in a row without a single shiny when I decided to give up. The method does not work I though, So I did it again. And again, went all the way to 100 and no shiny.
  • JarkayColt - November 6, 2013 4:14 p.m.

    Chain fishing definitely works. The GTS is completely oversaturated with Shiny fishable Pokémon. In fact, I was just looking for Alomomola and there were MORE Shiny ones than those that were not. It's ridiculous. But nobody knows the actual odds. I got to 31 and found two Shinies on the way there. I think luck is still a big factor. But the chance is certainly tonnes better than 1/8192. Can't see it being any more than 1/200 though.
  • JarkayColt - October 31, 2013 3:35 a.m.

    I tried to prove my hypothesis of one Shiny per chain again the other night. I'm almost 100% certain that X and Y only lets you encounter one Shiny per chain, which is a massive bummer. I got to a chain of 40, and found a Shiny patch after about 5 minutes. I ignored it. I found another after about another 5 or 10 minutes. I ignored it. The third time, I entered the patch and caught the Shiny, like I did the other time. Then, for another hour, there was nothing. I tried to get the chain to 80 to see if the chance reverts after catching one but I only managed about 70 before it broke. But either way, not being able to catch multiples makes this so much worse than it used to be. By the way, when Bank comes out I'm thinking about giving a tonne of my Shinies from Diamond/Platinum away, because I used to make a point of catching multiples seeings as I went through all the time to reach 40. Can somebody please prove me wrong about X and Y only letting you have one? XD I really want to spread the Shiny love, lawls.
  • TheMikeBachmann - November 3, 2013 3:25 a.m.

    Are there any tips you can give about general rules you follow to get up that high? I find that even when I think I'm following the rules I've read online, I have trouble getting past 25ish. Usually I break it somehow between 12 and 15. I have black 2 also. Would my time be better spent chaining in black 2 leading up to the release of the bank? Rather, was it easier to chain in gen V?
  • JarkayColt - November 3, 2013 4:07 a.m.

    Well, there aren't many more tips I can give beyond that one massive post I made below. However, the most important things are, of course, only walking into patches that shake the same way AND that are in the fourth ring of tiles. Also, you need a decently sized grass patch, and to be honest, most of the ones in X and Y are absolute rubbish. Because of how small the patches are, you'll probably have to risk walking into a tile at the edge, which for the most part seems okay, but if you resort to this enough, the chain will eventually break because of pure probability. If you feel like going in a certain patch is a risk, just reset the Radar instead. Lastly, it's best if you only go for "common as mud" Pokémon first because they're easier to chain; anything that has even a semblance of rarity may cause your chain to break for seemingly no reason when chained because you're only augmenting that Pokémon's usual encounter rate; if it's low to begin with then you're only making it, well, a bit less low. My chains sometimes break around the 10 mark too, but once I break the 20 barrier I usually seem okay until I reach 40 for whatever reason. Again, luck is still a fairly deciding factor. Also, unfortunately, it was impossible to chain in Gen V because the Poké Radar didn't exist (you can still get Shinies using the Masuda Method though, but it's still about 1/1000). The only other games that it appeared in were Diamond, Pearl and Platinum in Gen IV. But yes, IMO, it was a lot easier to chain in those games, not least because you could get more than one Shiny for all your effort. :I And the ferocity of the shaking patches was easier to tell apart. The only negative compared to X and Y (well, this started in BW but you know) is that you have to manually respray a repel. However, "chain fishing" in X and Y is a lot more foolproof than the Radar it seems. If you haven't tried it yourself, the easiest way to practice it is to put a Sticky Hold Gulpin at the front of you party with a Smoke Ball, go to Couriway Town and use the Old Rod in the body of water; you'll only find Poliwag. So long as you don't pull the rod up too early or late, you'll have a shiny Poliwag in no time. The best part about chain fishing is that you can Run from the battles and the chain still carries on (hence the Smoke Ball), and you can catch as many Shinies as the game can think to give you. Which is why I'm baffled as to why the Radar only seems to let you have 1 in X and Y whilst fourth gen let you go crazy.
  • ThePumpkinKing - November 3, 2013 9:34 a.m.

    If you have a shiny Absol, I might just die if you gave it to me. May not be the best pokemon, but its still my favorite hands down! :D
  • JarkayColt - November 3, 2013 10:49 a.m.

    I do indeed have a Shiny Absol! And believe it or not, I caught it on a chain of one, as in, I KO'd one Absol and I saw a Shiny patch right away. But even though it's the only one I have, I still want to give it away. All my Shinies are sitting in boxes and not really doing anything. XD I'm assuming that GR will have an article up when Bank is released, so I was probably gonna post a list of all the 4th gen Shinies I have on there.
  • connor-verplank - November 6, 2013 3:42 p.m.

    I appreciate you posting your findings as I was beginning to think the same thing. I had two successful chains of Furfrou and found a shiny patch very quick but afterwards, nothing. How sad! And stupid! Grass chains are so much harder than the fishing chains, you should be able to catch more than one like in p/d/pt. :|
  • JarkayColt - November 6, 2013 4:05 p.m.

    Oh, good, so I'm not going crazy then XD Or rather, not good, because I didn't really want it to be true, haha. You're the first other person I've seen coming to the same conclusion, so thanks for sharing that with me; I couldn't find any information about it anywhere, so I thought I was the only one who'd bothered to try it. =p Were you chaining in the rectangular purple flower patch on Route 5? I wouldn't be surprised because it's literally the only decent Radar patch in the entire game. All the others are either too small or really oddly shaped, compared to the ones that were in DPPt. I've tried in some of the others, but it's just frustrating, and in fact I've gone off chaining in X altogether now. I'm gonna do it in DPPt instead and transfer a bunch over, so I can sling them about on Wonder Trade like muck and devalue the "Shiny economy" out of spite.
  • connor-verplank - November 6, 2013 4:23 p.m.

    Hah actually, I probably should've gone to that area now that you mention it! I went to the patch of green grass under the two twin trainers up the first stairs. that area was decent enough to chain and Furfrou's more common there too. I also prefer the grass shaking than flowers, but they're both kinda difficult @_@; I noticed a lot of the rules don't seem to apply as much as they did in D/P/Pt, especially the 4 step range thing. Like you said though, I'd rather chain on there as well and catch loads after all the work than on here unless its a new pokemon I can't get on those. I'm just glad I have a bunch of my own shinies from there to bring over too! I'm with you, especially when I saw the terrible area that was the only place with Eevees. ;_;
  • JarkayColt - November 7, 2013 12:42 a.m.

    Really? I don't know if you read the huge wall of text I left below somewhere, but as far as I could tell, the rules seemed largely the same. If I stepped into a patch in the 3rd ring, the chain seemed to break more often than not, which is what would happen in DPPt, although it is pretty hard to tell what's really happening when it's all essentially luck based anyway. X and Y does appear to have slightly more leeway I think. And to be fair it ought to have, seeings as you can barely get the 4th ring of patches to even appear most of the time. It's weird that none of the NPCs give any hints about how to use it unlike how Dawn/Lucas did. The best part about chaining in X and Y is that the game still asks you if you want to spray another repel like in BW, and that if you max out the chain the Shiny has two perfect IVs...that's about it. I would say that if you wanted a Shiny Eevee you should try the Trophy Garden, except, I lost count how many times I attempted that and still never reached 40. Anything with an encounter rate below 10% I could just never seem to do. The rarest thing I successfully chained was NidoranF I think. Since there are rumours that the general Shiny chance in XY increased, it's baffling they'd still keep the Radar but with a reach-40-just-to-just-get-one-Shiny mechanic; it's pretty stupid. If anything it should've been uncapped, and maxed the chance at 30.
  • connor-verplank - November 7, 2013 6:01 p.m.

    Mmm, its weird to explain. See I chained on D/Pt a lot and I have tons of shiny pokemon[including a buncha eevees] so I know all the rules like the back of my hand. They do still apply, but they are more like guidelines than rules now. Its weird though cause for me, most of the time when I've chained, patches I choose are usually less than 4 spaces/rings away and they're correct but 4 ring patches also work too. Remember how you should've always had 4 patches shake? Now there's 5, but sooo many times I'd have only 2 or 3 shake and choose the right patch. So far from what I've experienced in X & Y is that as long as you choose that one type of patch, the one that shakes like its going berserk, there aren't any patches touching it, and its not 1 ring away from you its almost always right. I need to test it some more though because its hard to say with certainty. I think that people are really thrown off by how hard it is to differentiate the berserk grass with the patch that's a level below it especially with so many patches shaking at once so quickly. That's why when I chain I usually avoid choosing a patch if theres 5 that shake unless its clear its 4 rings away and others are only 2-3. Unless I'm 100% certain I saw a berserk patch meeting decent conditions I will reset. I really believe the reason I failed so much at the start was because I wasn't paying close enough attention. I probably sound like a crazy person who has no idea what hes talking about but its been working... :| I didn't know a chain of 40 gave you a 2 perfect IV shiny though thats nifty~ :D
  • JarkayColt - November 8, 2013 4:52 a.m.

    Well, in DPPt, you'd know that up to 4 patches shook, but I don't think it mattered if all 4 appeared as much as it was simply entering the patch in the 4th ring. The only benefit that seeing all 4 patches brought is that you could be more confident about discerning the furthest patch. I think that's the logic behind the introduction of the bogus 5th patch in X and Y because it makes you think you've seen 4 legit patches when you actually haven't. As far as I can tell, the dummy patch can appear in any ring except the 4th, with seems to solidify the idea that the 4th ring is still the supposed Goldilocks zone of chaining. And I still believe the type of patch is important. The really "berserk" patches are easier to identify but if you weren't originally using those patches, then it appears you still need to stick by the initial type. I'm fairly certain that there are at least 3 types of intensity this time whereas DPPt only had 2, which confuses things even more. I'm not saying that you're wrong, because to be fair I just kind of assumed everything was the same, so I wasn't intentionally trying to break the original rules. Since it worked I was just like, oh, guess it's no different. But now I think I think I'm going to try it using what you just described to see if I can get the same result. If what you say works then it might actually be possible to chain in some of those smaller areas. But yeah, once you reach a certain chain length the Pokémon have 2 31s. I had empty slots in my party and I noticed the Shiny I caught had two, so I carried on the chain by catching a couple more regular Pokémon (actually, 12) and they had 2 31s as well (one had 3, actually, but I'm guessing that extra one was just generated normally.) I have no idea whether this starts from 40 onwards if it it happens earlier, but it doesn't happen on or before 25 at least.
  • einhazard - October 30, 2013 10:16 p.m.

    FYI, Shiny Ditto does not turn into shiny versions when he transforms. This bummed me out to no end when I caught one.
  • Killshot - October 30, 2013 1:19 p.m.

    Wish you guys would have gone the extra mile and actually caught one to show it working, else you might as well have just written it.
  • GR_HenryGilbert - October 30, 2013 2:33 p.m.

    We're trying hard to film a Shiny getting caught, but as our video shows, it isn't easy
  • J-Fid - October 30, 2013 6:10 a.m.

    Well, if Jarkay's right, you guys might as well repost the old PokeRadar article that Gundmunson wrote for Diamond/Pearl, and just slightly update it for XY. It seems like a waste to explain the complicated things that have already been covered before. That article is how I learned to chain, and it's extremely useful.
  • JarkayColt - October 30, 2013 6:28 a.m.

    Yep, I remember that was a great guide too. FYI I'll try and list the differences between DPPt and X and Y: - The main difference is the inclusion of a potential 5th bogus patch, but as explained, this is never of any detriment as it doesn't appear in the outer ring - If you walk into the patch in the absolute corner of the fourth ring (8 paces), your chain is no longer likely to break so long as it meets the usual criteria - Pokémon are very likely (but not guaranteed) to have two random IVs of 31 when caught using the Poké Radar. - Rollerskates break the chain, so you have to use the D-Pad - The game seems to cap you at one Shiny (needs verifying), but there is now an audible "Pling!" to alert you to its presence. - The music may change mid chain into an upbeat tune, but currently no idea what it means. - You can actually walk slightly further away before the chain is cancelled in X and Y Another minor difference is that you have to count manually rather than being able to use the Pokétch app. I think that's everything, the other stuff is the same.

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