Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad Unlockables

  • Unlockable Difficulties

    Berserk - Beat the game on Violent
    Hard - Beat the game on Normal
    Violent - Beat the game on Hard
    Submitted by Drewski
  • Achievments

    "Arrival in the Abyss" (20) - Complete Quest No.20 "Arrival in the Abyss" (LV1~3)
    "Bloody Sword" (20) - Complete Quest No.6 "Bloody Sword" (LV1~3)
    "Combo Death of the Empress" (30) - Complete Quest No.8 "Combo Death of the Empress" (LV1~3)
    "Cool Master" (30) - Complete Quest No.11 "Cool Master" (LV1~3)
    "Counterstrike Flash" (30) - Complete Quest No.17 "Counterstrike Flash" (LV1~3)
    "Crimson Makeup" (20) - Complete Quest No.3 "Crimson Makeup" (LV1~3)
    "Dance of the Empress" (30) - Complete Quest No.7 "Dance of the Empress" (LV1~3)
    "Height of Ecstasy" (30) - Complete Quest No.14 "Height of Ecstasy" (LV1~3)
    "Hit & Run" (20) - Complete Quest No.18 "Hit & Run" (LV1~3)
    "Insane Libido" (20) - Complete Quest No.4 "Insane Libido" (LV1~3)
    "Near Death High" (20) - Complete Quest No.5 "Near Death High" (LV1~3)
    "Rain of Bullets" (20) - Complete Quest No.19 "Rain of Bullets" (LV1~3)
    "Rampaging Baneful Blood" (30) - Complete Quest No.15 "Rampaging Baneful Blood" (LV1~3)
    "Swallow's Dance" (30) - Complete Quest No.16 "Swallow's Dance" (LV1~3)
    "Swift and Beautiful Death" (30) - Complete Quest No.10 "Swift and Beautiful Death" (LV1~3)
    "Technical Master" (20) - Complete Quest No.13 "Technical Master" (LV1~3)
    "The Untouched Empress" (30) - Complete Quest No.9 "The Untouched Empress" (LV1~3)
    "Zombie Piercer" (20) - Complete Quest No.12 "Zombie Piercer" (LV1~3)
    Acquisition of a strange woman(20) - Complete the first quest
    Acquisition of genocide (30) - Complete the second quest
    Annna : Bonuses Complete (80) - Collect all bonuses for the character "Annna"
    Aya : Bonuses Complete (80) - Collect all bonuses for the character "Aya"
    Saki : Bonuses Complete (80) - Collect all bonuses for the character "Saki"
    Story Mode: Berserk (100) - Clear story mode on berserk difficulty.
    Story Mode: Hard (50) - Clear story mode on hard difficulty.
    Story Mode: Normal (30) - Clear story mode on normal difficulty.
    Story Mode: Violent (80) - Clear story mode on violent difficulty.
    Submitted by Drewski
  • Unlockable Wallpaper

    Level 16 - Unlocks Misery Wallpaper
    Level 36 - Unlocks Aides Wallpaper
    Level 56 - Unlocks Himiko Wallpaper
    Submitted by Drewski
  • View Mode

    View Mode - Beat the game on any difficulty.
    Submitted by asdfasef

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More Info

Release date: Feb 10 2009 - Xbox 360 (US)
Available Platforms: Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Published by: D3Publisher of America
Developed by: Tamsoft
ESRB Rating:
Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language, Sexual Themes