Obscure II hands-on

Graphically, the game is highly accomplished with detailed character models and moody lighting, all running smoothly in varied environments around the college campus. You'll be taking control of the survivors of the first game as they attempt to start a normal life in college after the terrors of high school. As you'd expect from the teen cast, there's plenty of sexual frustration and angst amidst the bloodshed. It's well done and we laughed out loud at several points during our time with the game - and for the right reasons too.

The game will be a budget title on PS2 and PC, which is surprising considering the high production values. The Wii version will be full-price, although the advanced control might justify that. We'll see. We only saw the PS2 version, as the Wii iteration isn't finished enough to be shown, but we're expecting its light-hearted take on horror to fit the Nintendo platform perfectly. The PC version is the same as the PS2 game, but with sharper looks, as you'd expect.

Above: The players share an inventory, so you can grab a weapon from yourpartner at any time