No More Heroes - the SUDA 51 interview

Though you might have heard about it on the news - video game-hating lawyer Jack Thompson briefly cast his disturbed glare over it - there's very little chance you actually played underground hit Killer 7. Its murder-obsessed cults and split personalities make it one of the weirdest games on the PS2, and that's saying a lot. Forget about that, though: the game's creator, Goichi Suda - aka SUDA 51 - is back with something that looks, well, totally kick-ass. And this time it should be playable, too, thanks to the Wii.

The game stars Travis Touchdown, a down-and-out anime freak carving out his living in a crappy motel in Santa Destroy, part of the big ugly nowhere that swirls around Los Angeles. He gets bored, decides to order a beam katana from eBay - and suddenly he's sucked into a world of crazed assassins out for blood. Once he, y'know, kills the 11th best assassin in the world. We can't wait to see how that goes down. Now, it's Travis' turn to slay his way up the ranks.

We can't get enough of this story - it's refried, chewed-up and spat back in your face: Japan's take on America's take on Japan. Bad-ass Akira motorcycle? Check. Sexy female assassin? Double check. From the instantly-recognizable seedy Southern California sprawl to the toxically reformulated story, we absolutely cannot wait to find out if this one can possibly live up to our expectations. Unfortunately, we haven't had a chance to play, but we hope to get our hands on that beam katana really soon. Since we can't give you impression, how about the next best thing: an interview with SUDA 51 himself? Find out just what the man behind the mayhem has to say.

GamesRadar: So far the trailer for No More Heroes that's available, there isn't much tangible to it. A little explanation of what we can expect from the game would be great.

SUDA 51: I think that it's going to be similar to [my earlier game] Killer 7 in that there's going to be a really good story with great presentation and cinematics. I think it's something that's very natural. I think that it's going to fit well with players, that they're going to be able to jump right into this kind of gameplay that we're preparing.

Story-wise - and it kind of goes into the gameplay as well - there's going to be a ranking of killers. We talk about it in the trailer too, but there's a ranking. So basically the lead character has got 10 people to kill in order to get to the top, and so it's that kind of progression in the game, where it's about getting to the top of this ranking.

Story wise, it's going to all play into the violence. So it's not going to be all violence, violence, violence, but you expected that, I think...

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