• BladedFalcon - November 12, 2013 7:39 a.m.

    I WILL say though, Mr. Houghton, it's kinda pathetic that in order to bolster your argument for the Wii U lineup, you also dropped the names of games that came out more than half a year ago or more... I mean, if you're gonna go by those standards, either the PS3 or 360 have 3 times better line up and quality than the Wii U if we count all the games that have come out for them since ZombiU, the oldest game you mentioned for the Wii U here :P AND if your argument is that you're merely comparing next gen consoles with each other... Well no shit the Wii U is gonna have more games, it came out a YEAR ago, it would be beyond shameful if they didn't :P It's like saying the 360 had the best next gen 2006 christmas line-up and counting Dead or Alive 4 or Condemned amongst it's strengths...
  • mothbanquet - November 12, 2013 8:01 a.m.

    You know, I would say Condemned is still worth owning a 360 for right now. But you raised a good point. I think I'll get a PS3 this year because wow - look at God of War 3, that shit still looks insane!!
  • BladedFalcon - November 12, 2013 8:05 a.m.

    Yeah, I wasn't bashing condemned at all. I'm just saying, if you're writing an article to say that a console has the best HOLIDAY line-up, and you mention games that came out way before said holiday season, you're not really being fair, and it reeks of desperation to find good points to your argument.
  • mothbanquet - November 12, 2013 8:27 a.m.

    So it's settled - SNES has the best line up this Christmas!! - Super Mario World - Starwing - Street Fighter 2 - Zelda - Home Alone 2 - And many, many more! All facetiousness aside, we did need a reminder the Wii U exists.
  • BladedFalcon - November 12, 2013 8:53 a.m.

    Eh, did we? I mean, Nintendo should have to EARN that reminder, and yes, they are releasing a new Mario game and they launched a Zelda remake... but should they really be allowed to get away by doing that every time? My problem with Nintendo is that they have done the same shit every single time since the N64, and they are always the consoles with less games and horrible third party support, but they always seem to get away with it because of their admittedly good 1st party games... Which is kinda shitty because as good as they might be, they are always more of the same most of the time, and you get one or two per year at best >_> I honestly want the Wii U to fail not because I want Nintendo to fail as a whole, but to serve as a lesson for them, and invite them to try harder next time. The entire concept behind the console felt iffy to me since the start, and so far I've been proven right every single step of the way.
  • mothbanquet - November 12, 2013 9:11 a.m.

    You're not the only one to have those feelings, though I can't help but feel there might not be a 'next time' for Ninty if things go pear-shaped this time around, at least not in the mainstream console world. I feel like Nintendo are akin to an endangered species - slow, stupid, unable to adapt to the changing world and aggressive encroachment of competitors - and yet viewed by many as somehow precious and in need of preservation. Many, including myself, remember the death of the Dreamcast and still see its demise as a tragedy, no matter the parent company's commercial idiocy. It's all illogical, wishful thinking of course but a part of me would mourn the death of another once-powerful giant and symbol of long-lost childhood if the Wii U failed. Not enough to buy one this Christmas, mind you so colour me hypocritical.
  • BladedFalcon - November 12, 2013 9:19 a.m.

    Dude, did you forget about the shitload of money they made with the lucky strike that was the Wii? even if the Wii U tanks by next year, what they won from the Wii should cushion them for at least another good try. Well, I don't see it as anything precious, I see it for what it is, if Nintendo releases GOOD systems, like say, the 3DS, then I'll buy it, if it releases BAD systems, like the Wii U is proving to be so far, then I won't buy it, and I won't feel sad if it fails. And again, I wouldn't worry about Nintendo going the way of Sega anytime soon anyway. people tend to forget that it took Sega FOUR or more disastrous console releases in a row to tank them. Nintendo having one when they are still thriving with the 3DS, and did so well with the Wii is hardly a death sign.
  • leon-hastings - January 20, 2014 8:03 a.m.

    I don't think that a system needs to fail to try harder, Look what happen to Sega, a lot more great games can come from a system when it is still pushing for the top seat and offering only what it can.. I think the low sales right now are enough of a wake up call to get Nintendo thinking of a better plan. And it not like Nintendo isn't trying, I think it is doing the best that it can and I don't think people should bash Nintendo for sticking with what they know works. By pushing out awesome first party games to draw people in to the only system that has Mario, Metriod or Zelda which are worth buying a system for. Zelda and Mario have always been great games and I think the video game world would be the lesser without them, they push the mark higher with every entry and are always innovative and a blast to play.
  • BladedFalcon - November 12, 2013 7:31 a.m.

    Pretty much, for all the shit I give the Wii U, their line up for this last stretch of the year is better than what's coming for the new consoles... But that doesn't make up for the lack of virtually anything worthwhile on all the 8 months prior >_> What I'm saying is... maybe Nintendo should have seen this coming? releasing these games BEFORE the next gen consoles came out would have made the console look better, as it is, it'll be worth it for Wii U owners, but whether it's warranted or not, they'll be overshadowed by the new shiny next gen systems.
  • jeremycarrier - November 12, 2013 6:21 a.m.

    The Wonderful 101 is a damn sight better than anything in the PS4/Xbone's launch line-ups and(if you're not terrible at the controls and take a few minutes to learn how to play the game), one of the finest titles of the year. Exclusive to the Wii-U.
  • delimma - November 12, 2013 7:18 a.m.

    Lol cmon now. 101 is alright but it isn't the best game out of the x1/ps4 line up.
  • jeremycarrier - November 12, 2013 7:36 a.m.

    No, it clearly is. There's an incredible amount of depth, variety, and content there. Its a giant love letter to Nintendo, the arcade, and Japanese action titles, but its plays like nothing you've ever experienced before. Its one of those games that in a few years will get rediscovered when they go over the Wii U titles, with a lot of "Why did people ignore this awesome game!?" thesis statements.
  • BladedFalcon - November 12, 2013 8:08 a.m.

    If you're saying "it clearly is" when there is now way you've played any of the Xbone/PS4 titles, let alone all of them. You're pretty much destroying any kind of credibility your statement could've had. Which wasn't a lot to begin with.
  • Nev3rtime - November 12, 2013 6:51 p.m.

    The Wonderful 101 is an amazing game. Totally underrated. It is hard to understand how it became so overlooked. I don't quite buy the explanation that it was too hard for the reviewers... It's deep, but I found the game quite accessible. It quickly introduced me to the basics and as the game progressed I learnt and discovered more. I can only think the poorer reviews it received were based on the reviewers being idiotic COD fanboys.
  • RonnyLive19881 - November 12, 2013 6:06 a.m.

    That last paragraph basically lost you all respect with all of us Nintendo fans...
  • RonnyLive19881 - November 12, 2013 6:10 a.m.

    Unless it was a joke, please say it was... Knack just looks dead boring to me Lol All flash and no substance.
  • GR_DavidHoughton - November 12, 2013 6:13 a.m.

    You should note that that last paragraph is DRIPPING with sarcasm. :)
  • mothbanquet - November 12, 2013 7:52 a.m.

    How are we supposed to know that when you sound OH so serious...?
  • Talvari - November 12, 2013 6:04 a.m.

    Completely agree with this, great article! It's kinda surprising to me how many early adopters of PS4/XB1 there are considering how...lackluster the launch lineups are. Doesn't really feel like there's much of a reason to own either right at the beginning to me. Nintendos Wii U launch was the same of course, worse if anything. But Wii U has been out for a year now and it's really starting to hit its stride, and 3DS continues its onslaught of great title after title. Now if they can just get their marketing team together and really start actually advertising the system.. >.> And like the article said, the Wii Us reputation is awful for most gamers, perhaps this holiday season can turn that around. (Super Mario 3D World literally looks like the most fun ever.)
  • SugaRazor - November 12, 2013 6:30 a.m.

    People gotta have the new thing. It's why people camp out for fucking cell phones and it's why people are rushing to get the PS4/XB1 despite launch line-ups that are little more than current-gen ports. These are the weakest console launches in the history of the industry and once the dust settles from the hype train, Microsoft and Sony are going to be in for a rude awakening. I honestly won't be shocked if this is the domino that topples the entire console industry.

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