Ninjitsu + glitches + Portal = Unholy 10 minute speed-run

Portal's a short game, but come on...

But still, that's whatTransgenic86has done, exploiting every glitch and twitch available to him in order to hammer whrough the entirety of Portal in under ten minutes. Clipping bugs, Portals through clipping bugs...It's all there, as well as some stuff you just won't fathom. He even makes it into the cake room at the end. So watch and be boggled. But just spare a thought for poor, violated Portal, who's sitting rocking and whimpering in a corner as we speak.

There are commentary videos explaining all of this dark magic and debauched arcaneryhere. In case, you know, you've got a spare half hour and fancy playing Portal a few times.

Cheers,PC Gamer! Love yooooouu!


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