New Wrath Of The Titans trailer arrives

Wrath Of The Titans has released a new trailer giving audiences a closer look at some of the terrible Titans Sam Worthington’s Perseus will be squaring off against, and it has to be said they look bigger and more fearsome than ever.

The new teaser outlines the same plot points we saw in earlier teasers (Liam Neeson’s Zeus informing Perseus that the Titans have broken free and Ralph Fiennes’ Hades revelling in the ensuing mayhem), with a few added shots of the Titans in action.

Take a look at the new trailer below, and revel in a whirlwind of CGI bluster…

From the latest footage, we’d say that the flame-bodied Kronos looks the most impressive of the Titans, with the scene in which Perseus rides Pegasus into battle against him sure to be a standout.

The two-headed Chimera also looks pretty badass, although we’re not sure about Perseus’ plan to use a wooden shield to protect himself against its fiery breath!

Wrath Of The Titans opens in the UK on 30 March 2012. Winged horses wouldn’t keep us away...


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