New Umbrella Chronicles vid sounds rather eerie

Aug 23, 2007

We've previewed  Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles before, but this vid gives you a chance to see a cohesive piece of the action for yourself. And what is so special about it is the absence of an irritating rawk soundtrack jammed in for atmospheric effect.

Because when Umbrella Chronicles isn't being dressed up as an all guns blazing FPS, like in previous rock heavy trailers, it's a lot more tense. Yes, the majority of your fodder are traditional shambling zombies posing little threat all on their lonesome. But the quiet ambient noise ratchets up the tension of jumpcuts and that indomitable feeling that you are ever so gradually going to be pinned into a corner and overwhelmed. 

Of course there are new niggles cropping up. Said tension is lost somewhat when the returning Resident Evil cast choose to voice their own opinions about how their whole situation is 'a bit strange' in the middle of a fire fight, while 'loading' appears onscreen with worrying regularity. Not that it affects the speed of the game, it's just bloody annoying.

Still, like we said, niggles. Along with the frankly awesome application of the Wiimote, this new trailer and these screenshots  reaffirm what we've been saying all along - the Umbrella Chronicles' first person railroad tour through the RE history is shaping up to be everything that Dead Aim wanted to be. 


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