• SadFace - July 8, 2011 8:53 p.m.

    I remain cautiously optimistic about this game. It's a first day purchase for me for sure, but I hope it's a good one.
  • MyCoolWhiteLies - July 8, 2011 8:50 p.m.

    I dunno, the 3D Sonic bits just looked like all the other 3D Sonics. I liked the first Sonic Adventure, but they never really seemed to evolve past that. Also, what's up with the weird My Chemical Romance song? I don't even dislike that band, but it was pretty weird hearing it come from a Sonic trailer.
  • TastyCakesMcgee - July 8, 2011 8:48 p.m.

    Video 2, the youtube one, the most entertaining thing I've seen all day lol.
  • EnigmaSpirit - July 8, 2011 8:34 p.m.

    I started with Adventure 1, and of course played 2. This was pretty damn nostalgic. Also I tripped and fell in San Fransisco once. I didn't stop rolling downhill for 2 weeks.
  • db1331 - July 8, 2011 8:32 p.m.

    @BroGamer Don't make me out to be a villain. I'm trying to be the voice of reason to keep people like you from getting their hopes up, only to have them dashed for the countless time. I'll stop though. "When the game comes around and it sucks to the shits, you can complain all you want, you can say how you expected it and all that." See you at release, bro.
  • Z-man427 - July 8, 2011 8:28 p.m.

    I remember that stage being a lot of fun, but it was the only fun stage in the entire game.
  • db1331 - July 8, 2011 8:28 p.m.

    @RODTheMaster Isn't the lock on dash attack the main thing Sonic fans bitched about in the latest Sonic revamp a few months back?
  • BroGamer - July 8, 2011 8:28 p.m.

    @db1331 Your a respectable commenter, and I acknowledge that, but you can't say something like that. For one thing, they're releasing demos of the game, and since the listen (sometimes) to their fans, don't you think they could fix it when its time to release it? When the game comes around and it sucks to the shits, you can complain all you want, you can say how you expected it and all that. Just please don't say things like that.
  • ThatGamerDude - July 8, 2011 8:26 p.m.

    Happy to see they didn't change any of the mechanics since the demo came out. Still looks good, still gonna buy it because that is what we hardcore sonic fans do.
  • RODTheMaster - July 8, 2011 8:23 p.m.

    I love the City Escape song. I know all the words. @db1331: Moderen Sonic is fun when it works. With both a functional camera and a functional lock on dash attack, It has potential to be a really enjoyable experience. I may actually play this one.
  • ChrisCultista - July 8, 2011 8:21 p.m.

    Lol at video 2. Comments everywhere...
  • db1331 - July 8, 2011 8:18 p.m.

    Are you fucking serious Antista? You watched a trailer with Sonic riding on a snowboard and you think the game is going to be good? What the fuck, people? Have you learned NOTHING? It's going to be just like every other Sonic game that mixes old and new Sonic. The old Sonic will be fun, and the new snowboard/werewolf/whatever the fuck they think up parts will suck. How many times do you have to see it?
  • darkmagshin - July 8, 2011 8:14 p.m.

    both of these videos nearly brought a tear to my eye. adventure 2 is my favorite sonic game of all time and seeing them make an official throwback to it is just awesome. now i'm more excited than i've ever been over generations.

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