New Front Mission Evolved screens show out-of-mech segments, sniping, evolved HUD

Front Mission Evolved, the mech-based third person shooter developed by Double Helix, is due for a release in the fall from Square-Enix. Butwe see you sitting in front of your computer in frothing anger tellingusyou can’t wait that long. Fine, fine, fine. Here are some new images to tide you over, you big baby.

Above: These are some of the coolest giant mechs we've ever seen. Get it?

Originally slated for spring of 2010, which is kinda passed, it looks like the game now hasa slightly changed user interface. The HUD in these picsis different from what we’ve seen before. Of course the changed HUD could be part of the mech customization process, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Above: Yes, you'd expect this screen to show the HUD, but look! A girl gripping a flight stick. Let's giggle as the unavoidable phallic reference, shall we?

Also shown in the pics for the first time are the on-foot story and combat sequences, as well as some dual-wielding gun toting, mech melee tomfoolery, and sniping, which needs no further explanation.

Above: Stop us if you've heard this one: So, a priest and two future soldiers walk into a hot zone...

Above: Here's your sniping.

Above: And here, finally, is that HUD we've been chatting about. Looks like locational damage and some combination offuel or shields or thrusters on the left, radar on the right, weapons all around.

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