New Final Fantasy XIII-2 screens show proof of PS3 bias!

Or rather, a single battle screen and more cutscenes subtitled in glorious English

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Forgive us, but this being a slow news day, we decided to drum up a little unnecessary scandal in lieu of not much else to say about the following Final Fantasy XIII-2 screens. Unlikeits previous, detail-heavy images, how could one infer anything but CONSOLE BIAS from today%26rsquo;s single PS3 exclusive screen?

Above: But how will millions shift their Paradigms on 360? HOW?!

I mean, it doesn%26rsquo;t show any new aspect of FFXIII-2%26rsquo;s combat system, plus the cross console screens show little more than out of context cinemas.

Above: Wow. So this is how the Cocoon looks from the inside.

Clearly, today%26rsquo;s screenshots were meant as giant slight to Microsoft, and it%26rsquo;s dirty pool we simply can%26rsquo;t condone. Feel free to fight it out in the comments below as we struggle to find something more newsworthy to post about.

Above: Sarlacc pit puppetry

Until then, GamesRadar will continue to try and derive controversy from today%26rsquo;s innocuous FFXIII-2 screens, because there%26rsquo;s a good chance this goes all the way to the White House!

Above: This screenshot is too new for words!

Oh yeah, Carolyn Gudmundson actually played the game at E3 and liked it quite a bit.Head over to her previewfor something more professional and substantial about the game.

Jul 11, 2011


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