New details emerge on Medieval II expansion

New details on The Creative Assembly's Medieval II: Total War expansion Kingdoms will be dancing before your eyeballs in the latest issue of PC Gamer.

Whereas the sheer scale of The Creative Assembly's Medieval II meant campaigns demanded months of your time and much of the end-game is sheer grind to clinch those final few provinces, Kingdoms' four new mini-campaigns narrow focus down to specific regions and periods of history across the Medieval world.

The four campaigns have a tighter focus than the grand campaign, with certain regions broken up into more detailed areas. One of these campaigns will be revealed every day this week.

Today, PC Gamer is peering into the British Isles campaign. English, Welsh, Scottish and Viking/Norwegian factions will be trading blows in an attempt to gain control of the regions of Avalon, and each will have their own bonuses and advantages to occupying generals.

The Welsh, for example, will gain extra troops in troublesome border regions, while the English get a bunch of free veteran knights to reflect the traditionally strong Feudal armies of central Britain.

Kingdoms looks set to make the already splendid Medieval II even more flexible to your war-making whims. We're genuinely excited about being able to conduct small, more intense campaigns - this is going to be a game that demands even more from your tactical cleverness, and make you use units in ways that had previously eluded you.

Check back tomorrow for more Kingdoms gossip.

April 10, 2007


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