New Anarchy Reigns trailer tries to make sense of senselessly violent story

MadWorld, a game played by approximately 17 Wii owners, put creative ultra-violence at the forefront, as the story of incredibly skilled fighter Jack Cayman murderering his way through a carefree and grisly reality show took a backseat. Platinum Games and Sega are prepping Anarchy Reigns, the follow-up for PS3/360, and up until now what we’d almost exclusively seen was action from the multplayer-based, colorful brawler. Today’s trailer gives some of the background on why these people are out to kill one another, though after watching it we don’t feel incredibly enlightened. Watch for yourself.

If you were one of the very few that beat MadWorld this trailer does have a few juicy tidbits, such as hearing protagonist Jack say a variation on his famous closing line, “I don’t help people, I kill them.” In spite of saying that, it looks like he is out to help someone, mainly that innocent-looking young lady searching for her father’s killer. Meanwhile there’s Leo, who seems to be a sympathetic character despite being an unfeeling asshole and the (SPOILER) secret bad guy of MadWorld. Though maybe he’s changed his mind since he came back from the dead. Add to that an elite squad looking for the same guy as Jack and Leo (the Black Baron has to be in there somewhere too), and you have a less-than-clear narrative and a great excuse to kill people.

If this trailer was too thinky for you, just watch the below trailer you may have missed during E3, as it has all the murderous mayhem you desire. Enjoy.

Jul 25, 2011

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