New Alan Wake "The Writer" DLC screens are a bit wordy

Above: "My gut told me this had something to do with a bridge..."

Alan Wake’s tale is headed to a close next week on Xbox Live. October 12th brings the last DLC in the form of The Writer pack, and a measly 560 MSpts will reveal to you The Power of the Written Word!

Above: Could this be the typewriter cross promotion Resident Evil has stupidly ignored for so long?

We love us some Alan Wake, but Good God, hopefully this'll makes sense of the multiple endings we’ve endured thus far. Just when you thought things couldn’t get more meta, Alan looks as if he’s literally duking it out with his own literature within exceedingly bizarre environments conjured partly by his own psyche.

Above: BARRY!

Whatever, we’ll probably flip through Remedy's latest pageturner next week. Click here to see the whole batch of today’s screens. We’ve also posted Writer’s trailer below, and for true fans of this underrated 360 gem, feel free to take in our own little parody further down.

Above: This may get weird...

We kid the Alan Wake! The storytelling is every bit as bold, as it is easy to make fun of

Oct 8, 2010




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