Neverwinter Nights 2

Sick of being a homeless adventurer? This slick sequel promotes you to full-fledged warlord

Above: With the included construction tools, you'll be able to easily lay out castles like this yourself

The four-player dynamic also extends to multiplayer games, more or less. NWN2 will support up to 64 gamers, but co-op in the central, story-based campaign is limited to four. The good news is that your non-player helpers can tag along, boosting your number to seven. And if you want a larger-scale adventure, you can always create one with the included construction tools.

When the game finally hits in October, it'll feature a huge story, a modular, customizable interface (admittedly inspired by World of WarCraft) and more depth than any D%26D game to date. We still don't know how it plays, but after seeing it up close, we can't wait to find out.


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